First aid to children at ear pain

First aid to children at ear pain

Ear pain can have the different reasons. Most often it is about hit in an ear of a foreign matter or inflammatory process – external or average otitis.

It is easy to distinguish ear pain even at the small child who is not able to speak yet. The kid not only cries and refuses food, but also constantly rubs and fingers ears. If only one ear hurts, the child tries to lie on this side.

The first that needs to be made is to examine acoustical pass, having slightly delayed an auricle and having lit inside a small lamp. Perhaps, it will become clear that in an ear the insect flew, or the child thrust some small subject there – for example, a toy detail.

If there are no doubts that it is about an insect, it is necessary to dig olive or vaseline oil that it emerged in an ear, but there is no guarantee that it will help. It is better at all not to try to take other foreign matters independently – inept actions easy to injure an eardrum of the kid. It is necessary to address urgently to first-aid station or to the accident ward of LOR-office of the nearest hospital. - to inflammation of an external or middle ear - often lead catarrhal diseases to otitis. At the same time pain is followed by reddening of an auricle, purulent allocations from an ear, but these signs can not be. For specification it is possible to press slightly on a trestle – a front part of an auricle, at otitis it strengthens pain, and the child as appropriate will react to pressing.

It is necessary to consider that ear pain can amplify in a prone position and be weakened if to sit down or rise.

Self-treatment at otitis is inadmissible. The child needs to be shown to the otolaryngologist, and it is necessary to make it immediately. The doctor is obliged to accept the patient with an acute pain without record and even out of turn. The pre-medical help at inflammation of a middle ear consists in removal of pain. Popular folk remedy in this case is the warming spirit compress on an ear. It cannot be done: if inflammation is followed by purulent process, the compress will strengthen it. For the same reason it is impossible to apply a blue lamp and other warming procedures. They especially are contraindicated if ear pain is followed by temperature increase. Whether suppuration takes place, only the doctor can establish. It is possible to recommend only one rather safe warming procedure for removal of pain: to moisten a Q-tip with warm, but not hot water, to insert it into acoustical pass, without immersing deeply and to take some time, to repeat such procedure 2-3 times in a row. The safest way to help the child is to give the anesthetizing medicine, for example, "Nurofen" or Ibuprom. Aspirin is not recommended to be applied.

It is impossible to drip in ears any drugs without medical prescription. For example, the popular medicine "Otipaks" is contraindicated at injury of an eardrum which quite often accompanies otitis.

If the child had otitis earlier, it is possible to dig those drops which were appointed then by the doctor in an ear. It is necessary to do it correctly. Before applying drops, it is necessary to take them some time in a hand or to lower in warm water that they heated up to body temperature. The child is stacked sideways, carefully delay an auricle aside and slightly up. The quantity of drops varies from 3 to 10, being defined by age of the patient and the size of an ear: medicine has to fill acoustical pass to a half. Having dug medicine, it is necessary to close an ear a cotton tampon and to ask the child to lie down in such provision of 15 minutes. If the child is too small that he could explain something, it is necessary to sit next to him or to hold on hands, without allowing to turn over.

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