How to earn in the decree

How to earn in the decree

With emergence in family of the child the life of the woman changes: the number of free time is sharply reduced whereas expenses significantly increase. Therefore many young mothers seek to find out how to earn in the decree to improve financial position and to continue to lead active lifestyle.


1. To begin to earn, decide on the available skills and abilities. Let's say for the woman able to handle needles it is possible to knit to order children's bootees or a sweater. The main problem in this case consists in search of customers. Pay attention to various city forums and groups on social networks where it is possible to offer the services to the same young mothers.

2. Having a wide range of communication, try the hand in network marketing. Women use cosmetics and perfumery at any age and at any social status therefore it is almost safe activity. At least, three major cosmetic concerns offering the products only through distributors allow to receive to arrive from selling of their goods. To earn additionally in the decree, register at office of the company which address can be found in the concrete city through the official site, and buy those goods which will be ordered by clients, getting about 20% of profit on the total cost of the order. A lack of similar earnings only that it is necessary to leave the house, and at this time someone has to look after the child.

3. The simplest and widespread earnings in the decree can be received by means of the Internet by means of writing of texts for the numerous websites. Each person has certain abilities and knowledge which he can share. You are able to bake cakes – write recipes of their creation. You own all subtleties of care for the one-year-old child – share this knowledge with mothers who only begin this way and want to learn process subtleties. For this purpose register on any of the numerous exchanges of content, study rules of work and pick up the order which essence is clear. Advantages of similar work are that it is possible to be engaged in it at any time. At first earnings will be insignificant, but gradually they will grow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team