How to give the medicine Kogitum to children

How to give the medicine Kogitum to children

Kogitum medicine rather well proved as the all-strengthening means. However, using it in children's therapy, it is necessary to observe recommendations about application carefully.

Indications to application

The instruction to the medicine "Kogitum" specifies that it should be applied to rendering the general toning impact on an organism which can be required, for example, at emergence of asthenic conditions of various etiology. For example, the doctor can appoint reception of Kogitum in case the child is weakened after a disease, quickly gets tired after school lessons, suffers from the general deterioration in mood and similar symptoms.

In all these cases the reception of Kogitum can have positive impact on the child, having removed or significantly having reduced intensity of manifestation of such symptoms. Besides, medicine is applied as a part of complex therapy at treatment of more serious states, for example, by depressions.

Method of application

The medicine "Kogitum" is considered safe medicine therefore he is let out in a uniform dosage form both for adults, and for children. A standard form of production of this medicine - in the glass ampoules packed in boxes on 30 pieces. Each ampoule contains 10 ml of medicine which reception provides hit in an organism of 25 mg of active ingredient - potassium acetylaminosuccinate. Medicine is intended for direct intake in not divorced look and has pleasant banana taste which is pleasant to children. Besides, in case of need, it can be parted with water and to use in such diluted look: it will not affect efficiency of effect of the medicine. The maximum daily dose of means depends on age of the child to which treatment is appointed. So, usually I apply it in treatment of the children who reached seven-year age. At the same time in case to the child accepting Kogitum, from 7 to 10 years to it uses on one ampoule of medicine enough in the mornings. For children aged from 10 up to 18 years it is necessary to increase this dose to 2 ampoules which are also recommended to be accepted in the morning. At the same time process of treatment is not followed by accustoming emergence therefore on doctor's orders it can be interrupted at any time without any negative consequences. The average duration of intake of medicine for achievement of steady effect ordinary is about 3 weeks. In case during treatment you accidentally forgot to give to the child the next dose of medicine or just there was no such opportunity, treatment should be continued, having given it usual amount of medicine next day: it is not necessary to increase a dose in such situation.

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