What symptoms of chronic fatigue at school students

What symptoms of chronic fatigue at school students

At school students there came the third quarter, the longest and difficult in all academic year. At this particular time many children test symptoms of chronic fatigue. And you thought that it happens only at adults? Not a bit! What has to guard parents?

You notice that the child began to eat less, or, on the contrary, all the time chews something, eats sweet much. Pay attention to it.

  • Addictions appeared or aggravated: a kovyryaniye in a nose, an obgryzaniye of nails or pencils, the pochesyvany heads and all in this spirit.
  • At the child the immunity decreased, he began a thicket to be ill, complain of headaches.
  • The child badly remembers school material, forgets about the affairs and duties.
  • It became whimsical, in behavior irritability, tearfulness appeared.
  • Externally the school student has a tired, tired face that is noticeable since morning. It is pale, sluggish, hair dim, a look extinct.
  • The child cannot long fall asleep even if he was tired. Or on the contrary, he sleeps too much, often falls asleep in the improper place.

How to help the child?

Allow sometimes during a week to your school student to stay at home and to have a rest properly. Better do it on Thursday — usually this day on children the biggest fatigue leans.

As a rule, at school in one day of the admission the medical certificate will not demand. Will be an explanatory note from mom enough.

In a day regimen of the child there have to be regular walks in the fresh air and physical activity (outdoor games, sports section, a dancing circle and so on). But you should not overload the school student with additional classes, especially if he does not want it. Study at usual school plus in musical, or frequentation of sports section can become for some children excessive loading.

We choose circles and sections for children correctly: look for school and additional classes are closer to the house: the road tires the child more, than classes.

Children surely have to have free time when they are engaged, than it is necessary for them. On Saturday and Sunday the child has to have a rest. He has to have friends: boyish campaigns and maiden sit-round gathering allow to keep composure to children.

You remember the balanced food of the school student. Include in its diet vegetables, fast meat and fish, nuts and eggs, fruit or fresh juices, fermented milk products with a short period of storage more often. Give to a thicket bean to children — they are useful very much, read about it according to the reference. And here it is better to refuse sweets, at least so far — they reduce immunity.

You should not discuss his present state at the child, it can frighten and discourage, push him to a thought to use the state to manipulate you. Be just attentive, sympathizing and kind to it as though nothing occurs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team