What to do if fights began

What to do if fights began

On the first, the most long, a stage of childbirth fights begin: uterus muscles, being reduced, open a neck of the uterus, giving to the kid the chance to move ahead. If you have first labor, then fights can continue several hours, during the second and subsequent childbirth duration of fights is considerably reduced.

If fights began at night, try to relax, calm down and to doze between fights a little. When you feel that fights became more frequent and became more painful, record an interval between them: if they repeat with a frequency of 5-6 minutes and become more and more intensive, surely call "Ambulance". In case fights found you during the trip, report about your state to the driver, the conductor or the stewardess. They will prepare everything that is necessary, perhaps, will even find the doctor among passengers. Do not worry, in transport first-aid kits there are always necessary things. Ask to find a blanket and diapers (if there is an opportunity) for future kid, or ask to bring clean sheets and a warm terry blanket which you will be able to use later instead of a children's blanket.

If you are at home, and fights began suddenly and quickly passed into intensive (the second and subsequent childbirth) - do not rush in maternity hospital, perhaps, you will not manage to reach there any more. Call neighbors, call the friends or relatives living nearby, they will come to you and surely will help. Ask them to boil water, to find and prepare antiseptics, clean sheets and towels. In case childbirth begins and will take place at your place, all these things will appear near at hand the emergency doctor or the person delivering. Call "Ambulance", later call reception of the nearest maternity hospital and ask them to help you councils, remain on the line before arrival of doctors. If you cannot speak, give a tube to the person who is near you. Doctors will advise him by phone so much how many it will be necessary. If fights cause severe pain, try to move more: stand, you go, you sit, you lie alternately. If there is an opportunity, you can stand a little under streams of a warm shower. All this promotes reduction of pains during the fights. You urinate more often that the bladder did not prevent your kid to move ahead. and, the main thing, you breathe correctly as doctors even before childbirth had to teach you.

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