What to do if the child began to lie

What to do if the child began to lie

Children begin to tell a lie at different situations in their life. Parents can initially not pay attention to it, but further it can become a problem.

For many parents the question that their children begin to deceive is relevant. The reasons of lies can strongly differ depending on age. If the small child, then, perhaps, he just indulges in wishful thinking. The first lie can be heard from the child in 3 years, and closer by 6 years he begins to lie and dream quite actively.

Little visionary

Sometimes it is difficult to child to define where the truth and where a lie. Especially it concerns children with very developed imagination. Children at the age of seven-eight years, can invent various stories which were not occurring in their life. Can think out to themselves new parents of superheroes, unreal brothers or sisters to attract attention.

Talk to the child about his new friends, ask in what their feature and why they such remarkable, and you will understand that is not enough for your child. Do not abuse at all and do not use physical force. It can be closed from you or that it is even worse, will begin to be afraid of you. The child has to understand and realize that in such a way you should not try to obtain recognition and attention of schoolmates and friends.

Fear of punishment

Many children begin to wind because of fear or shout of parents, are afraid to disappoint them, to make something is not right. Also the fear of punishment for perfect offense can cause deception. Thus, having broken a toy or having received a bad note at school, the child begins to invent different stories and to lie simply. An exit in such situation only the quiet conversation with the child can: "Even if you made something like that that can anger me, be not afraid to tell me about it. It is much more important to me to hear from you the truth and I promise not to become angry strongly". But consider that you have to keep the promise and try react quietly to the heard truth even if it will enrage you. If after recognition the shout follows, it will only provoke the child to lie further and will beat off any desire to go for dialogue. It is worth remembering that first of all, parents are for children an example for imitation. It is necessary to build sincere and trusting relationship with the child that he saw in you not only the strict parent, but also the good friend with whom it is possible to share any secret, without being afraid to be the convict. You remember, having created the atmosphere of trust and honesty in family, to you it is never necessary to think how to disaccustom the child to deceive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team