What to do if the child does not like to bathe

What to do if the child does not like to bathe

If the child does not like to bathe, try to find out the reasons of such hostility. Offer the kid interesting toys or cheerful games with foam. You watch that nothing frightened the baby. Also be not nervous, your state during bathing influences the child's relation to this procedure too.

It is required to you

  • - toys for bathing;
  • - children's bath foam;
  • - shampoo without tears;
  • - small basin;
  • - hat for bathing with a peak.


1. If the child does not like to bathe, try to sort out the reason of such relations of the baby to this procedure. Is more senior than the kid it is possible to try to ask. If the child suddenly had a hostility to bathing and to all that is connected with it, remember the last procedure. Try to find out what could frighten the kid or is negative adjust him to water. Possibly, the baby accidentally swallowed a little water. Besides, soap could get to eyes to the child and cause discomfort. If you manage to find out the hostility reason to bathing or fear, try to eliminate it.

2. If the small child is afraid and does not want to bathe, then of it parents can be guilty. The fact is that many mothers and fathers so are afraid to make something not so during the procedure that they begin to be nervous strongly. And it can lead to changes in a voice timbre, in behavior, in acts. And if at mom hands shiver and to unrecognizability the voice changes, then it is no wonder that the baby will be afraid and capricious. In that case first of all it is necessary to calm down. Do not worry, be adjusted on success and believe in yourself. The loving parents just cannot do harm to the child, and with experience any actions and manipulations are perfected to automatism.

3. If the child does not like to bathe, try to make some changes to the procedure course. For example, it is possible to get a beautiful and interesting children's bath with a seat. Show a bathtub to the kid, suggest to test it in operation. Also give to the child new toys. The best of them surely will interest the kid. It is possible to use children's foam. Show to the kid that it is possible to do various figures of it.

4. Avoid what can cause fear or discomfort in the kid. If the child is afraid of hit of soap in eyes, try to buy for it a special bathing hat with a peak which will protect a face from water ingress. By all means you watch water temperature. The most comfortable is 36-38 degrees Celsius. Get the soft means for bathing which is not causing got down. If the child does not want to be in water and to plunge strongly into it, then fill a bathtub only slightly and use a shower. If the kid refuses to bathe flatly, put him in an empty bathtub and accurately wash up, watering from a shower or from a ladle. For safety under legs lay a diaper.

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