What to do if the child uses foul language

What to do if the child uses foul language

Children can copy behavior of adults. Kids try to resemble the parents, imitating them in everything. In certain age children begin to use foul language, and it is necessary to fight against this habit.

Often the child talks swear words unconsciously. He does not even understand their value, but continues to use foul language. Why? Because the kid copies adults, adopts this habit from other children, hears a mat in the TV, on the street. But what to do in this case to parents and close people of the baby? There is a main rule which you have to observe perfectly: after the kid tells a swear word, pretend that did not catch it. In this case to the child it will become uninteresting to use foul language. But this rule will work, only if he systematically does not hear abuse from close people.

Communication in family

First of all it is necessary to reconsider communication in family. If someone from relatives of the kid constantly uses foul language, he will perceive it as something due and correct. It is still difficult to child to understand what is good and what is bad. He studies at adults. They show him how to do right thing and what can be spoken. You monitor the speech, you do not use foul language at the child. Swear words are loaded with negative energy, and the kid feels it. Do you want your child to grow in a favorable situation? Then do not use foul language at least at it at all!

How to make so that the child did not use foul language?

As it was already told above, the child can hear swear words not only houses. Also it is impossible to do with it something. You will not lock the kid in the apartment. It is necessary only to make so that abusive words were not fixed in the child's lexicon. It is impossible at all: 1. To slap the baby in lips, to force to lick soap, to pour salt or pepper to a mouth! Thus at the child the self-assessment will go down, and he will be pursued by nightmares! Also there is a risk that the kid will become a stutterer.2. Not to tell all that the kid uses foul language he by all means will want "to please" the mom again. 3. To punish the baby in the various ways and not to say to him that adults can use swear words in the speech only. The child will understand you so: if adults can use foul language only, so it is necessary to grow quicker. And what for this purpose it is necessary? To swear as it is possible more loudly and more often. Teach the child to express the negative emotions in a different way. For example, to be distracted by some business. Quiet explain to it that swear words - bad that it is impossible to say them. You say to it that the mat will wound people that it is the real robber who cannot be let in the life at all. Tell the kid that abuse — not sign of force, but a shameful habit.

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