What to esteem about education of children

What to esteem about education of children

Now there is a set of the literature devoted to education and development of children. It is impossible to distinguish from books the best as each of them is based on any principle of hard work with children.


1. It is possible to carry books Yu.B. Gippenreyter to classics of a genre "To communicate with the child. How?" and "We continue to communicate with the child. So?". The author of the book is a psychologist with wide experience of work. In the book a lot of practical advice is given and also specific pedagogical situations from life are sorted. The author of the book does not offer accurate ways out, however makes recommendations how to avoid the critical moments in communication with children.

2. The book by L.P. Strelkova "The emotional abc-book" is intended to parents of children at preschool age. In the book the set of small stories is collected, in each of which any emotional condition of the child in detail reveals. Parents, having read this book, will be able to look at behavior of the children from the objective party. Stories can also be read to younger preschool children that together with them to understand any given life situations.

3. R. and D. Bayard's book "Your uneasy teenager" is intended for parents of children at the age of 12-15 years. The author available words discloses essence of crisis of teenage age and also a way of its overcoming. Many examples from practice and also data of various researches are given. The book will help to understand step by step a situation of negative interaction of the child and parent and to find a compromise way out of it.

4. Karen Pryor and her book "You Do Not Growl on a Dog" is intended more for those parents which prefer authoritative style of education. The author gives a set of advice how to bring up the child by method of training and manipulations. However you should not perceive the book so rectilinearly, treat it from humour shares.

5. The book by S.L. Soloveychik "The doctrine excitedly" is intended not only in education of the child, but also at his training. If your child does not want to go to school or to do homework, then this book is intended for you. The author gives useful tips how to fall in love with that, what are you doing, how to gain motivation if there are no prospects, etc. at all. In the book a lot of information on how to lift the child's self-assessment is given. Sometimes this aspect negatively influences the personal sphere of the school student.

6. The most important books about education of children it is possible to call works by A.S. Makarenko "The book for parents" and Ya. Korchak "How to love the child". These books will be suitable rather for reflection, than for practical actions. However they will direct your attention to very important trifles which sometimes remain unnoticed.

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