When the child begins to smile

When the child begins to smile

Smile and laughter... What can be simpler for the adult? But for the baby the first conscious smile is a turning point in his life. Exactly in time the appeared smile speaks about the correct development of the kid and considerable changes in his emotional perception of the world.

What does the first smile of the baby mean?

The unconscious smile can be seen at the small child practically since the birth. But it will not be reaction to mom and to dad or to other loved one at least because the child still badly sees and does not recognize by sight any of the close relatives at all. Such physiological smile does not bear in itself any emotional coloring and is more similar just to a grimace, to a dress rehearsal of the preparing miracle.

Usually on the first weeks of life the baby is concentrated and serious.

Really the baby begins to smile only at the age of 5-8 weeks. During this period at it the reflex or a complex of revival wakens. At this time the kid strongly knocks hands and legs, twists the head, widely opens eyes and tries to catch the native, loving eye. And now the smile of the little person means that he not only is full and quiet, but also the fact that he feels the real joy, he is overflowed by emotions, there is a wish for communication.

The first smile does not appear at all children at the same time. At someone it happens slightly earlier, at someone – a bit later. And in it it is already possible to see manifestation of temperament and identity of the child.

However if the baby correctly develops, and parents communicate with him much and give him all the warmth, most likely, soon he surely will make happy them with the real smile.

Whether it is possible to teach the baby to smile?

To teach the kid it is possible to smile, of course, only indirectly, the smile is, first of all, a manifestation of state of mind. However for a long time it is noticed that babies seek to copy a mimicry of the parents. Therefore, favoring the child warm smiles, you will demonstrate to it as it is necessary to smile. To raise a reciprocal smile at the child, for this purpose it is necessary to choose time when he is full, quiet and happy, and nothing will distract it from communication with you. And here it is necessary to support the child in his expression of joy and emotions always. You catch each smile of the crumb and surely be happy together with it. The smile of your kid is also his greeting. Therefore never forget to greet it a reciprocal smile, without words to show it as you are glad and happy that it with you. Smile to the child as often as possible, and then he will grow up the open, kind and self-assured person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team