Whether can drink the feeding mom kvass?

Whether can drink the feeding mom kvass?

The feeding mom has to be especially attentive to the diet, after appearance of the child on light she should select the menu "for two". Not to provoke appearance of food allergy and kolik, some products should for a while stopping be used. Whether kvass gets under an exception?

Kvass perfectly satisfies thirst therefore desire to taste this drink especially increases at mothers in summertime. But by definition kvass gets under category of low alcohol drinks, the content of ethyl alcohol in its structure does not exceed 1.2%. Therefore during a lactation this fact needs to be considered.

Kvass and feeding by a breast

Drink perfectly tones up kvass, stimulates appetite, takes off fatigue. And the feeding mothers can drink a glass of fragrant liquid too, but it is necessary drink kvass with care, as well as kefir. Choosing a fermentation product, consider structure. Kvass has to contain malt, yeast, sugar. In the period of a lactation it is impossible to eat the kvass concentrate aerated and containing various chemical additives kvass at all.

If the feeding mom nevertheless decided to enjoy kvass, it is not recommended to buy drink in shop or barrel. Do kvass in house conditions.

It is necessary to drink natural kvass to the feeding mom in small amounts not to do harm an intestines mikloflor – both the woman, and the kid. Yeast in a product influences gas generation, is possible at mother and a problem with a stomach. And the baby has a milk of mom who drank kvass, can cause gripes, an abdominal distension. Therefore you should not risk with natural barmy kvass. Besides troubles with a tummy, kvass can lead also to allergic reaction at the child.

What kvass the feeding mom can drink

Less yeast contains caraway kvass. Caraway seeds positively influence a lactation and health of the kid. It is possible to prepare it and in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary to take rye bread, to cut it on pieces and to dry them in an oven. Further it is necessary to fill in with water the turned-out croutons (5 l on 500 gr. bread). It is necessary to leave for a razmokaniye bread for 4 hours, and then to pour into liquid a glass of sugar, 10 gr. yeast and 2 tsps of caraway seeds. It is recommended to draw useful kvass 12 hours in the warm place.

That drink satisfied thirst, drink not strongly cold, but slightly cool kvass. It is possible to put in it several cubes of ice.

If desired the feeding mom can add pieces of fruit or berries to kvass, but more norm you should not sweeten drink. Do not forget that home-made kvass strengthens immunity for this reason it is advised to drink in case of difficult delivery, Cesarean section. It helps to restore forces. And even if the child has no negative reaction to drink, use kvass in the small portions, monitoring presence of rash and other disturbing signals at the baby. In the presence of kolik and increase in gas generation refuse a product at least for a while.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team