Whether cocoa in the kids menu is admissible

Whether cocoa in the kids menu is admissible

Doctors claim that when choosing food for children not the usefulness of food, but its harmlessness has to be the main factor. The question is in whether it is possible to consider traditionally "children's" drink of cocoa harmless.


1. Thanks to features of production of powder of cocoa and milk which is added to it in final drink of caffeine it is not enough. Unfortunately, cocoa contains substance under the name "theobromine" which on the action is identical to caffeine. So you should not abuse this drink by drawing up the kids menu. In reasonable doses, however, to the child it will not do much harm.

2. As a part of the cooked cocoa there are two enough strong allergen — cocoa and milk that does it by drink, improper for children allergic persons. Therefore if your child has a tendency to allergic reactions, you enter cocoa into a diet as it is possible later.

3. It should be noted that the cocoa cooked on milk with addition of sugar — a product with very high caloric content. You should not give it to children with tendency to excess weight or hyperactive kids. Certainly, it is possible to try to make cocoa practically without sugar and on water, but such drink will hardly seem to the child tasty.

4. However, cocoa have not only negative properties. It not for nothing is considered very useful drink as cellulose, protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, folic acid and calcium are its part. Cocoa remarkably stimulates production of gastric juice, improving appetite so this drink can simplify life to parents of the poor eaters and children inclined to anemia and a shortage of weight.

5. It is necessary to tell that the caloric content of cocoa can be considered merit if it is about school students to whom this drink helps to restore forces after lessons.

6. Contain in cocoa serotonin and fenilefilanin which are the real natural antidepressants and remarkably lighten the mood.

7. Depending on the state of health of the child, existence or absence at it allergic reactions, cocoa it is possible to include in its diet after two or even three years. At the same time, cocoa should not be present at the menu daily, there are enough two-three times a week.

8. Younger school students are recommended to drink cocoa daily, and for breakfast. So it will bring more benefit to the growing organisms. Cocoa, by the way, is a great way to give to drink the child milk which many children refuse.

9. When choosing cocoa always pay attention to structure. At good cocoa powder there has to be exclusively ground cake of cocoa beans. No dyes, preservatives and fragrances in cocoa should be.

10. Certainly, the specified positive properties usual cocoa powder, but not various mixes on its basis has.

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