Whether it is possible to remain the vegetarian during pregnancy

Whether it is possible to remain the vegetarian during pregnancy

Opponents of vegetarianism thought up a set of horror stories of rather vegetarian menu during pregnancy. Whether everything is so terrible actually?


1. Pregnancy - happy time in the woman's life. And so there is a wish that it was also carefree. But people around for some reason consider it necessary to advise incessantly something even if pregnancy not the first and behind there was already fine childbirth, and wonderful healthy children grow in family. Most often after councils of rather various signs and superstitions advice concerning food of the pregnant woman is given: ""You eat for two!" ", " "It is obligatory still a liver, and that will be anemia!" ", " "Meat needs to be eaten every day, otherwise the child will be born the patient!"" - these and similar kind councils wishes are heard anyway by any pregnant woman. But whether ""meat and a liver"" in a diet of future mom are so necessary?

2. Vegetarianism is the power supply system excluding meat and meat products and also fowl from a diet. Vegetarianism has also several branches: this pescetarianism - the vegetable menu plus fish and seafood, dairy products, eggs; an ovolaktovegetarianstvo - eggs are allowed, but fish, seafood are excluded; lactovegetarianism - along with vegetable food is authorized consumption of milk and dairy products; veganism - an exception of a diet of any animal products. The most strict of the listed types of vegetarianism is veganism. Though such substances, important for a human body, and elements as calcium, protein, amino acids, are present at products of plant origin, it is necessary to think over more carefully a diet that these elements were in prosperity. Well and, of course, it is necessary to listen, first of all, to the organism and if it wants to drink a mug of milk or to eat a little cottage cheese or cheese, not to refuse to itself it. The fact is that not all products of plant origin are suitable for consumption during incubation of the child. For example, such useful product as parsley which in usual time can give preference for completion of deficiency of calcium will not be suitable for the pregnant woman as can provoke termination of pregnancy. In fact, vegetarianism is a provoker of a healthy lifestyle. Most of vegetarians do not take alcohol or drugs, do not smoke, do not eat harmful fast food, chips and so forth. The diet of vegetarians is more balanced as these people use more fresh fruit and vegetables, than not vegetarians.

3. What diet will suit a pregnant vegatarianka? Bread. And in grain departments of supermarkets more often it is possible to find the bread without flour and yeast made from germinated grain with addition of seeds in shops of healthy food. This bread is most preferable in the menu of future mom. Cereals. Porridges from whole grain are very useful. It is possible to add nuts, fruit, berries, honey to such porridge. Pasta. Choose pasta from firm grades of wheat. You cook them, observing time specified on packing. Add to pasta of a little vegetable oil and fresh vegetables instead of fat heavy sauces and sauces. Oil. Choose not refined and not deodorized vegetable oils, mainly cold extraction. The most usual sunflower oil quite will approach. Will be also useful olive, linseed, pumpkin oil. Very well sesame oil as, in addition, such vegetable oil is rich with calcium is suitable for food during pregnancy. For frying it is possible to use nut oil as the most resistant to influence of high temperatures, especially peanut butter. In recent weeks before childbirth, since 35 - 36 weeks of pregnancy, eat on a tablespoon in day crude sunflower oil with black bread - it will prepare skin for the child's birth, will make it more elastic and will help to prevent gaps in labor. Butter choose not less than 82 with fat content percent. If it wants to roast some food, it is better to use melted butter. Fruit. Any fruit at will can be eaten so much how many there is a wish. Vegetables. Enter a large number of green sheet vegetables, broccoli as these vegetables are richest with calcium and iron into a diet. Broccoli, besides, the champion on protein content. Berries. Eat any berries on a season. After 32 weeks of pregnancy take for the rule to eat daily on one tablespoon of berries of bilberry, fresh or frozen. These berries are useful to sight of your future kid. Greens. Eat a lot of spinach and fennel. With care use a celery and parsley. Spices and spices. From first weeks of pregnancy to the 38th week exclude cinnamon from a diet. From 38th week of pregnancy it is possible to return this spice to the menu. It promotes disclosure of a neck of the uterus that will definitely well affect the course of childbirth. But it is possible to add fennel to sweet and not sweet dishes, and it will be useful and during the period after the delivery as it raises a lactation and helps to facilitate gripes of the kid. Salt. Exclude table salt from a diet. Replace it with sea or Himalaya black salt as this salt does not provoke appearance of hypostases.

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