Who such masochist

Who such masochist

Life stories of some people make an impression that they consciously look for troubles and sufferings. Such people often for fun or seriously are called masochists, but whether this term is right?

Masochism and sex

The concept of masochism was entered by the German psychiatrist Kraft-Ebing and initially concerned only the sphere of the sexual relations. Masochism was understood as a mental deviation as a result of which the individual for receiving sexual pleasure needs to have painful feelings. Masochism is closely connected with sadism therefore in psychiatry they are united in the general term "sado-masochism". The word masochism came from a surname of the writer Zakhera-Mazokh who often described a similar form of the sexual relations in the books.

In terms of modern psychiatry, emergence of sexual excitement and receiving pleasure is connected not so much with the fact of feeling of physical pain how many from an emotional component: feeling of submission, humiliation and so on. In principle, to a certain limit the sado-masochism is not considered a deviation, and many couples use its elements in bed games, however if pain and humiliation become the only way to derive pleasure, it is worth addressing the expert.

Psychologist's look

In psychology masochists call people, consciously or subconsciously creating situations in which they will be able to feel humiliated. The speech goes not about sexual satisfaction here, and about various complexes compelling individuals to provoke manifestations of aggression against itself. As a rule, the reason of such behavior is in the children's injuries connected with disapproval or cruelty of parents and peers. Psychological masochism is one of the reasons of viktimny behavior, that is, such course of action at which the potential aggressor, most likely, will turn into real. Feeling pleasure from aggression, punishments and humiliation, people, unfortunately, seldom decide to comprehend and change the behavior. If in a case with sexual feelings business, most often, is not beyond the relations in couple, then the psychological masochist is capable to destroy all the life. To satisfy the complexes, the person can consciously make mistakes at work, choose the most improper partners, provoke relatives to aggression. All this, naturally, not in the best way affects quality of life. If you noticed symptoms of masochistic behavior at yourself or the acquaintances, perhaps, it will make sense to consult with the psychologist.

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