How to celebrate the child's baptism

How to celebrate the child's baptism

Christening is considered as day of the spiritual birth of the person. This acceptance of a personal Angel who from now on will be a heavenly patron of the ward. And desire of parents to share the joy with the closest people, to organize the celebration corresponding to a solemn event is quite natural.


1. It is accepted to invite relatives and friends to an office of Baptism. Presence of the godfather and mother, responsible for spiritual education of the kid is obligatory further. Write and send them special invitations on behalf of future hero of the occasion. Specify the place and hour of holding a sacrament and a festive lunch.

2. Issue the room where there will take place the feast in white and gold tones. White color is associated with purity and updating, yellow – with sunlight, heat. Lay a snow-white cloth, pick up the corresponding table napkins and devices. In a light vase put a bouquet of lilies - a symbol of purity and sanctity.

3. The festive menu by the developed traditions has to include dough products and grain. Therefore the various pies, pretzels, buns made of yeast and shortcake dough can be the main treat on a table.

4. Offer guests the new unexpected recipe of porridge which was known, for example, by your grandmother. And from now on you annually will begin to serve this dish on the Name day of the child. If there is no family secret, then the well-known Guryev porridge with dried fruits, nuts and cream will always help out.

5. Surely at a table there has to be a bird (chicken, a turkey). It can be baked in pottery with grain. Greens, fresh vegetables are associated with spring, the beginning of new life. Therefore to meat serve various salads and spicy herbs.

6. It is not accepted to abuse this day alcohol. From drinks offer, generally light table wine, various juice, berry compotes. During a baptismal lunch the presence of seniors children is admissible. They should be pleased with a dessert. It is possible to give each child a small sweet gift for the memory of a christening.

7. The godson usually does not take part in a holiday in the honor. However when it will grow up, it will be interesting to it to learn about this event. Take pictures, collect them in a handmade beautiful album. Ask guests to write in it kind wishes to the young Christian. Keep it together with the first cross and a baptismal dress for the memory of unique day in his life.

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