Why it is considered that pregnant women cannot get a haircut

Why it is considered that pregnant women cannot get a haircut

There are several signs and the superstitions connected with pregnancy, and one of them is the ban on hairstyles. Explanations for it can be a little, but it is impossible to call any of them supernatural. By and large nothing threatens the child and mom.

One of the reasons that the women expecting the child's birth cannot cut hair is the statement that in this case forces necessary for favorable childbirth disappear. In hair the center of vital force is hidden, and losing some part of hair, the woman becomes more weakly. It is sometimes suggested that it is possible to truncate life and to the child – he will be born lifeless. All these fears have under themselves no medical reasons, and, therefore, they can be considered very doubtful.

But in the ancient time sacredly trusted in it – girls grew hair, braiding them to the thick spit. After a marriage this braid was divided into two parts that meant – the woman gives a part of the vital force to the children. Therefore in Russia the hair did not cut, it meant change of the destiny, often not to the best. Married women wrapped the hair around the head and hid them from others views under kokoshniks and scarfs. During sleep the long and dense braid could cover the small child, protecting him from cold. Was considered, as female health depends on length and a condition of hair. And today healthy, long and shiny hairs demonstrate to what be at the woman all right with health.

The opinion of hairdressers is in this respect quite explainable – it does not make sense to change a hairstyle during pregnancy. Hair will not be styled in a new hairstyle and if you decide them to tint still, then color can turn out the most unexpected. All this is caused by change of a hormonal background which breaks structure of hair – they can not only inadequately react to coloring, but also begin to curl if were earlier straight lines and vice versa. During incubation it makes sense to cut only tips of hair, straightening them. One more explanation of the fact that women have to have long hair is opinion of midwifes. Right after childbirth there are changes in a hypodermic connected with production of melanin – on a face there can be yellowy-brown spots. That it did not occur, some midwifes still force women in labor to rub the person the hair and when they cannot make it, carry out all movements independently.

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