Why it is necessary to treat caries at children

Why it is necessary to treat caries at children

Caries is a widespread phenomenon which affects even milk teeth. Unfortunately, not all parents understand that even caries of milk teeth demands careful treatment.


1. Caries is a disease which affects exclusively solid tissue of tooth. As the reason serve microorganisms which often remain in an oral cavity after various diseases. Milk teeth are very vulnerable concerning such microorganisms. Caries in that case develops imperceptibly, but for small term. The postponed infection or antibiotic treatment can provoke a disease.

2. At the timely address to the stomatologist, the tooth affected with caries can be cured. If the infection center extensive also appeared long ago, then tooth is taken away. Often parents consider that time milk teeth drop out, and it is not necessary to treat caries. Same an excess stress for children who usually are afraid of stomatologists. And on campaigns to doctors there are not always time and even money.

3. However it is worth understanding that not cured caries is the constant center of an infection in a mouth at the child. It at any time can have an effect temperature increase, pain, lack of appetite, deterioration in the general state. The center of an infection can move to the field of acoustical pass where there will be its inflammation.

4. The important fact is that if not to treat a carious milk tooth, then it all the same should be deleted over time because pain will not allow the kid to live quietly. As a result service life of a milk tooth will be reduced, and on its place there will be a temporary emptiness. And it can lead to formation of the wrong bite at the child, dairy bite defines future correct structure of a jaw, the correct development of chewing and mimic muscles, growth of language. And future condition of a respiratory system and digestion will depend on the listed factors.

5. It is worth understanding that under a milk tooth radical can already begin to develop. And the infection under certain circumstances will capture also him. Therefore there is a probability of formation of the molars affected with caries in the childhood.

6. Therefore an important point is prevention of caries of milk teeth. As soon as they appeared, it is necessary at once to begin to look after them. Daily clarification of teeth boiled water or broth of a camomile, and then and toothpaste which corresponds to age. That teeth remained healthy longer, it is worth limiting or to exclude absolutely from the child's diet refined sugar. And of course, you should not forget to visit the stomatologist 2 times a year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team