Why the stomach hurts children

Why the stomach hurts children

When the stomach begins to hurt the child, many mothers are lost and do not know what to do. What reasons can cause belly-aches and whether it is worth feeding the child with drugs?


1. Gastritis. Pains at gastritis are located by the left part of a stomach below edges. Pains happen on a hungry stomach and constantly have the aching character. Language is imposed with a white raid, there can be nausea and vomiting. At manifestation of these a symptom it is necessary to correct food of your child. Exclude salty, fried, smoked and canned food. In the menu there have to be milk soups. To confirm the diagnosis, address the gastroenterologist.

2. Infection with worms. Pains arise in a navel. Make tests the child's calla on eggs of worms and the general blood test. At detection of any microorganisms address to the parasitologist. He will appoint treatment, and pains will pass.

3. Lock. Very often at locks children feel belly-aches. Localization in side areas of a trunk is characteristic of them where there is a large intestine. Pains disappear after depletion of intestines. Will help to help at a lock to your child yogurts, kefir and milk. Raisin, prunes and dried apricots have Poslablyayushchy effects. Let's them chew to the to the baby. You watch water balance. The child has to drink as much as possible water.

4. Hepatitis. Pains are localized in the right area of a stomach, is slightly lower than a liver. For the first time days to pain the accession of vomiting, an eructation and heartburn is possible, temperature can increase. In a week temperature falls, integuments and mucous turn yellow. All hepatitis is treated in a hospital. After treatment it is necessary to keep to the diet excluding fat, smoked and salty.

5. If belly-aches intolerable and sharp, at the same time are followed by numerous vomiting and temperature increase, it is necessary to call the ambulance and not to self-medicate. Perhaps, at the child the appendicitis began, the ulcer or pancreatitis developed.

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