9 ways not to allow emergence of the tilt in poker

9 ways not to allow emergence of the tilt in poker

The more distributions you play, the it is more than painful moving and offensively lost koinflip you have. You appear in a skin of the winner, in a skin of the loser, and these differences cause strong emotional changes with which it is necessary to cope not to become their slave.

Therefore today we will consider 9 councils capable to prevent emergence of the tilt. The player can control tilt, only when understands, what is it and how to adapt the game and a surrounding situation so that to prepare itself for an inevitable emotional swing.

What is tilt?

Tilt – any changes in your emotional status having negative effect on decisions which you make at a poker table.

During the game in poker on the website http://play.slot-onlinus.com/online-kazino/ of people is not able to suppress emotions completely. However it can control them to a degree.

9 councils directed to prevention of the tilt treat your preparation before a game session.

Diet and power

The feeling of hunger activates survival instincts, and we begin to be focused on search of food why the attention necessary for other activity, strongly falls. And if the person has a low level of sugar in blood, then it is simpler to enrage him, than the person with the normal or increased sugar level.

For achievement of optimum emotional control you monitor that you were supported before the game session or cooked healthy food which you can eat when you play.

The use of heavy carbohydrates makes the person sluggish: he feels something burdened, he does not want to be engaged in the affairs requiring physical or intellectual tension. It can lead to a game through "I do not want" or to total rejection of a game that will cause sense of guilt and disappointment. Therefore cook the healthy and dietary food giving feeling of cheerfulness and freshness.

At the same time try to drink more water and reduce (ideally – bring to naught) alcohol intake. All know, than a game in a state of intoxication threatens: the person cannot logically think and make optimal solutions, and it also is the main signs of the tilt. Drinking water prevents dehydration which leads to decrease in cognitive abilities.


Game in poker – check of our physical and intellectual shape. When we feel fatigue, we become more irritable and easily we fall in tilt. And poker sessions can be extremely exhausting, especially if you play tournaments.

To be tired not so quickly, we should be healthy. So, before the session it is possible to go for a walk or small jog. It will allow to release endorphins, for example, serotonin, happiness hormone. Physical exercises improve mood and increase psychological resistance to bedbita or the distracting factors.

Doing exercises in the open air, you will be more in the sun that often promotes good mood and clarity of mind. 

Stress and the distracting factors

If you have problems in private life or you experience financial difficulties, then it can become the distracting factor which will constantly prevent you to show the best game. In addition to the game, there can be a set of the reasons for a stress, and you should eliminate them. Begin to work on it right now as the stress has property to be aggravated.

Before the session think of the potential distracting factors. The phone call at an inopportune moment can become the moment which will be a trigger for the tilt. Therefore consider the possibility of shutdown of the mobile phone and try not to read e-mail. 

The best way always to show the A-game is to concentrate attention on a game completely.

Recognition of different types of the tilt

There are 3 types of the tilt about which you should know.

Tilt, caused by anger. Most likely, you saw hyperbolic pictures of the angered person: steam from ears, protruding eyes, red face. The anger is very strong feeling with which it is difficult to cope quickly. If you cannot take it under control, then make a small pause and "cool down". Or count to ten and try to answer positively. It can take some time, but the fact that you have a purpose to win against the anger, gives you the good chance to understand the feelings and to result them in harmony. 

Tilt, caused by disappointment or desire to revenge. Same "medicine": take a break, drink waters or make something that will distract you from a disappointment subject. Desire to revenge can become a big problem. Usually it arises against the specific player who, in your opinion, badly plays or just ran over you. If you cannot mentally overcome desire to revenge, then you need only "withdraw": leave a table at which "offender" sits. In poker the victory in general, but not local victories in a war game with some rival is important.

Tilt, caused by feeling of depression. This view is dangerous that it is more difficult to reveal it. Usually it is shown in fear of loss of money why the player begins to play too carefully and hangs in folds where it is necessary to kollirovat. The heaviest stage – total loss of self-confidence. Even the 90% belief is already path to failure because you will trust in a distribution prize only until you lose large sweat. After that your belief will become zero.

Failure from a game

Sometimes the period of failures drags on, and you understand: it is difficult to you to control emotions, even in spite of the fact that you know, properly to work. As a result a game turns into a routine and does not bring joy. In hard cases the failure from a game until the end of day or on a short period will be the only solution.

However you monitor that such tactics of "escape from reality" was not used as a pretext every time when you face with bedbity. You should understand that moving – the integral part of poker, and one of important qualities of the good player is ability adequately them to meet. If you well play 80% of time and a tiltuyeta the remained 20% of time, then you never implement the poker potential.

The temporary failure from poker has one more advantage: you have an additional motivation to return and bring the game to new level.

Scheduling of a game

Fatigue – a direct path to a tilt so take care of drawing up the diagram of a game, optimum for yourself. Do you treat those players who can roll for 12 hours and not lose concentration? Or you exhaust after three hours of a game? Only you can know about features of the organism so you are honest with yourself and make the schedule so that to be in a tone throughout all session.

Constantly reconsider and optimize the diagram how you feel in specific day and what results you show in general. Have different emotional statuses during the day is not such and an awful thing, but here the inability or unwillingness to arrange the plans on the basis of knowledge of the feelings and abilities is an error.

Setting of the realistic purposes

Game in poker makes sense, only if you set the realistic purposes for the short-term, medium-term and long-term periods. When you begin to play bad starting hands without any visible purpose, wonder: "Why I do it?". And if you are not able to answer this question, then you can be depressed – one of the heaviest types of the tilt.

The commitment will give you confidence and will raise a self-assessment. The poker is a game with a zero outcome: here someone loses, and someone wins, and in addition to desire to earn money at you also there has to be a specific and healthy reason for stay at poker tables.

Work on a game and dispersion acceptance

Emotional control is only one part of a game. You should work as well on technical aspects. For this purpose you need to study the history of the distributions, to find and eliminate faces and to seek to be constantly ahead of the competitors-regov. The best way to reach a status of the tilt is to play as fish. The best way to avoid the tilt is to be the winner. The choice for you.

Any player who is seriously belonging to poker should accept dispersion and realize its inevitability, however the losses caused by a bad game – it is perfect other question connected only with poker skill, experience and dedication.

Celebration of progress

Tilt switches attention to negative sides of our mentality therefore it is necessary to make efforts to be positive when success comes. If for you a victory – the event for show" is simple ", then you risk to get to an emotional trap when any success is perceived as a temporary respite and simplification in series of failures.

If you achieved success, then celebrate it! After all, you it deserved. Happiness – antidote from the tilt. Therefore reward yourself when you achieve the objective or largely you win.


The ideal option is to put all 9 ways together and constantly to support the high level of a game. The healthy nutrition, setting of the purposes and preliminary preparation before each game session will give the best chances of success, and success will hold tilt at distance, safe for your bankroll. And even when tilt nevertheless will appear, you will be able quickly to react.

When you control a surrounding situation, find balance and support the high level of the game for all day, you can manage the emotions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team