How to train a puppy in team ""to Sit"

How to train a puppy in team ""to Sit"

One of the most popular and simple teams – "to Sit". Its implicit performance by a dog will be very convenient in various life situations.

It is required to you

  • collar, delicacy


1. Before training the puppy has to be walked, but not tired.

2. Put delicacy in a napoyasny bag or a pocket.

3. Put ammunition on a puppy.

4. At first it is better to train a dog of the house where there are less irritants.

5. Take delicacy in one hand, you will raise it over the head of an animal that the puppy lifted up the head, trying to get food. Other hand press on a croup of a dog, slightly, but it is sure, at the same time strictly and loudly speaking "to Sit!"

6. Take one hand for a collar, to pull back, other hand pressing a croup. Say "to Sit!" When the puppy will sit down, give delicacy.

7. Repeat it repeatedly. After implicit performance of the house, work team on the street. At first in deserted, quiet places, then leaving to the downtown.

8. If the puppy sits down on one side, lift it and seat correctly.

9. During training do gesture by a hand, bending it in an elbow and raising a palm up. Further, it is possible not to say team, and to try to obtain its performance only by this gesture.

10. When the dog to acquire gesture-command, train remote obedience, having departed from a dog on several meters.

11. The dog should not descend from the place, not rise, to the following command. You hold trainings from 15 minutes to an hour, dependence on age and a condition of a dog. Training in this team can be begun with two-month age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team