As file hosting services work

As file hosting services work

File hosting services are a popular system of distribution of files online. Each user can place necessary files in this system, and then share the link to them.

File hosting services, apparently from the name, it is programs of file sharing. They are necessary in order that it was possible to place on them files, to receive the link to this file, and then to transfer it to the necessary persons for downloading. Thus, there is no more need to hold huge arrays of information on the computer or USB sticks, to carry with themselves the portable hard drive and to store all documents on the unreliable media. All necessary can always be saved on special service, and then just to exchange the link for distribution of this file.

There are two types of users of file hosting services: those who store there and distribute information, and those who use this information.

On file hosting services it is possible to store any information: text documents, pictures, photo, video, presentations. To become the user of the file hosting service, it is necessary to register in its system. After simple registration procedure the personal user space in which several free gigabytes are absolutely free of charge selected, on advanced file hosting services – up to 25 GB is provided. If this space will be not enough, it is possible to expand it, but already for a symbolical payment.


It is possible to distribute information in several ways: locally and massively. It is possible to transfer the link to the saved file only to those to whom this information intends. After downloading of the file, it can be deleted at once. However many users use file hosting services for mass distribution of files among other users. Such way can bring quite good money.

How does it work? The user uploads the interesting file on the file hosting service, receives the file reference, and then distributes this link among as it is possible the bigger number of people at forums, bulletin boards and on social networks. The program of the file hosting service considers the number of downloads of the file in a month and charges for it a certain sum to the user. Usually the payment for 1000 downloads varies from $10 to 30 depending on file volume. If the user has several popular files, then it is possible to earn from its downloadings quite not bad.

Why file hosting services pay for interesting files to understand simply. Users who download files use the paid accounts allowing to download documents very quickly or download files free of charge, but browse at the same time advertizing. Therefore, as well as on any the website, income of the file hosting service depends on the coming traffic, in other words – on the number of people on it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team