As in Mail to delete my world

As in Mail to delete my world

After creation of a mailbox on Mail.Ru, imperceptibly there is a registration in social network "My World". From this point spam begins to come to mail and letters with the invitation to create a page in My World to all friends. There is a need to delete the page from social network.


1. For removal of the page in "My world" it is necessary to make authorization and to come into the account. It is necessary to enter the login and the password correctly. After input the homepage of "my World" should open.

2. Recently "My world" updated in the interface and many control buttons were transferred to other places. The necessary Setup tab is in the upper right corner, near the Output button now. After an input the window with lists of settings will be opened by clicking the link, in most the section "Delete My World" at the bottom of the page will appear.

3. It is necessary to find the button with the text in the section "Yes, I want to Delete the World, having lost all in-fed information permanently" and to click it. The new page where it is necessary to put ticks in all 7 points will open — to delete the blog, friends, a photo, communities, video, also the fact that they made the weighed and considered decision will agree to disconnection of all notifications from social network. And only after that the final link to removal of "my World" will appear.

4. Full removal of the page will happen to all information in two days, before the account will be blocked. Within these hours there is an opportunity to again restore the account. For this purpose it is necessary to become authorized in the mail, to come into "My world" and to click on the link "Cancel Removal of My World". To create a new page or to restore old on this social network it is possible, there are no restrictions.

5. If its cracking is the reason of removal of the account from swindlers, then for this purpose there is other output. It is necessary to change the password for more difficult for authorization only. At impossibility to delete or restore the page back it is necessary to contact technical support of "my World". There it is necessary to contact if the owner of the account died and there are no login and the password for an input on the page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team