As it is correct to jump with a parachute in PUBG

As it is correct to jump with a parachute in PUBG

Any round in PUBG begins with what throws out the user from the plane, and it should land somewhere to begin battle. But how it is correct to jump with a parachute in PUBG what rules of jumps and distances exist in a game?

What distance can be overcome on a parachute

One of YouTubers made several experiments with a parachute, jumps and flights, and learned what greatest possible distance can be overcome in such a way. Also it became known what direction of flight about verticals will be the most effective in respect of time and speed.

It became known that in it is accidental standard disembarkation from the plane at which the parachute opens independently before the landing, the passable distance will be equal to 1600 meters, and about 70 seconds will be spent for flight.

But what distance will be overcome and what time will be spent if the user independently opens a parachute and to independently control its work. As a result the following values were received:

At a speed of 63 km/h the distance will be equal to 1300 meters. The spent time – 80 seconds;

  • 50 km/h – 1700 meters – 95 seconds;
  • 40 km/h – 2400 meters – 130 seconds;
  • 30 km/h – 2680 meters – 153 seconds;
  • 20 km/h – 3050 meters – 219 seconds.

From all this it is possible to draw a conclusion on what three with small kilometer is the maximum distance which can be overcome by means of parachute jump in the game PUBG. Just the same distance can be overcome much quicker on wheel transport.

According to users, the most effective is speed in 40 kilometers per hour at the movement in vertical direction. At such speed it is possible to overcome nearly 2.5 kilometers for the minimum time.

Rules of a jump

Also the users who are already trained by bitter experience and passed through a set of different battles selected several important rules of how it is correct to jump with a parachute in PUBG. These rules:

  • After a jump from the plane it is necessary to clamp a key forward which is by default assigned to W and to turn a mouse so that the overview on the player was from top to down. At the same time it is not necessary to open a parachute independently 0 let a game will make it independently. At the same time flying speed will be 234 kilometers per hour in free fall. And after the parachute will be developed, it is necessary to remain in the same situation. It is so possible to gather speed to 65 kilometers per hour. And at such speed it to turn out to reach the earth in 35 seconds. Dispersion when landing concerning a jump point – 150 meters;
  • If there is a wish to carry out a part of battle in air, watching opponents, it is necessary to develop a parachute right after disembarkation, and after that to turn the camera from below-up (so that it was possible to see the face of the game character) and to clamp key S. At the same time the speed of falling will decrease to 26 kilometers per hour, and time of landing will increase up to 3.5 minutes;
  • If it is necessary to fly down and forward, it is necessary to deploy the camera so that the character passed into horizontal position, and legs were directed to the top part of the monitor.


In article the basic rules of flight and landing on a parachute are described. However it is necessary to remember that game process happens not in air, and on the earth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team