As it is safe to buy in online stores

As it is safe to buy in online stores

Popularity make purchases grows in online stores every day. Indisputable advantage of such purchases is saving of personal time on the choice of goods and lower prices, than in retail shops. But you should not forget about fraud in network. Not to be deceived, it is necessary to be careful and know several simple rules.


1. Usually for payment of goods and services on the Internet use the computer. Therefore, for saving personal data, information on bank and electronic cards, operations in network it is necessary to perform only from the computer on which the antivirus software should be installed.

2. An easy way of protection not to lose the money, payment of goods only after delivery is. At the order select a way of delivery - by means of the courier or shipment at own expense. It will exclude an opportunity to be left without money or without purchase, and will also secure against receiving low-quality goods.

3. It is necessary to shop only on the websites of the known shops and companies. You do not hurry to do the order if you have no information on decency of online store. Check the website in the Internet directories, read responses, learn phone and attributes of the website. Select such shops which suggest to pay the order in several ways for purchases. If to you suggest to pay goods only with the cash card, means you want to deceive.

4. The separate cash card will help not to snare swindlers. Most of buyers for payment of the order can use the salary or credit card. Such way of purchase is not safe because for money transfer for goods it is necessary to enter card attributes. By means of number of your card, the confidential code and card expiration date the swindlers in network can leave you without money. Start the separate card, you do not hold on it spare cash but only for payment of the selected purchase.

5. A modern and safe payment method of goods online is the e-wallet. Payment service providers pay special attention to safety for transactions on the Internet. WebMoney, Yandex Money, QIWI, PayPal belong to the known virtual systems. It is possible to put money for the e-wallet from the cash card or in the payment terminal.

6. Pay attention to the goods price, compare to the price on other websites. The cost of goods can be underestimated, or is overestimated. Low price demonstrates that goods of inadequate quality. For sale at high cost the special websites for sales are created. Under the influence of bright advertizing and big discounts the buyer loses vigilance. To force the client to buy goods on the websites place timers which show, what is the time remained until the end of the action or a discount. As a result it is possible to make a purchase in three or five times more expensive. Usually on such websites sell inexpensive goods from China. It is possible to make sure of deception if to find the same product on the popular websites, such as or

7. Before paying purchase, attentively check the website address in a line of the browser. For plunder of all payment details of the card, buyers are enticed on the websites doubles externally similar to the known and popular online stores. The design of such website is copied from the original, and the address differs in single letters. At payment of the order all information on the cash card falls into hands of swindlers. As a result the buyer remains without money and without goods.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team