As the Internet influences the person

As the Internet influences the person

Daily use of the Internet is capable to influence the person far not in the best way. Quite often it leads to emergence of different problems with health and even to mental disorders.


1. According to the last researches in the field, the Internet is capable to cause strong dependence in the person. Many users hardly control time spent at the computer. Quite often they even promises himself to reduce it and to complete the program, but do not find forces it to make and even become angry if someone tries to distract them from the computer.

2. Various digital hobbies, for example, network games, viewing or listening of music online and surfing on social networks literally tighten the person, forcing to push other affairs into the background. It is no wonder that at the answer to a question of what was done by the user in any given time, he lies and calls absolutely other classes: study, work with documentation, etc.

3. If the Internet turns into an everyday habit, the person becomes absent-minded, begins to think of how quicker to return to the virtual world. He thinks more often of how to pass level in a game or to which of friends to write. If someone tries to interfere with plans of the person to sit at the computer, he begins to feel irritation, becomes nervous and released.

4. In the absence of Internet access the person, dependent on it, begins to feel helpless, incapable to cope with any given tasks by own efforts. At such people becomes less friends in real life as they prefer to look for "friends" and to strike up new acquaintances on the Internet.

5. People who spend many time at the computer gradually begin to have also other problems with health. They worsen sight, there is a backbone curvature, the body becomes more corpulent, and skin finds a pale and dimmy shade. Such people are inclined to frequent colds and just feel uncomfortably at communication with people around in the real world.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team