As torrent works

As torrent works

BitTorrent, or prostotorrent is the system of exchange of users of files online. The term BitTorrent belongs to the program and the protocol for a faylobmen, and the server coordinating this process is called the BitTorrent-tracker.


1. For file transfer online the network protocol of Torrent breaks them into small parts. The Torrent-client program installed on the user's computer loads these parts and collects them in the uniform file, she is engaged in distribution already skachfnnykh fragments. Thus, files via the BitTorrent system are distributed with greater speed. Besides, the main source of distribution – a sider can not participate in process after the file is loaded by several other users.

2. The website a torrent tracker does not store files, but through it control of faylobmenny process is exercised. All distributed data contain on computers of users. Information on parts of the downloaded movie, the book or musical composition, their number and an order of placement contains in the file with the torrent extension with which the Torrent-client program works.

3. To download the file from one of BitTorrent-trackers, it is necessary to load on the computer and to install the Torrent-client program. Then it is necessary to find and save on the hard drive the file with the torrent extension which is offered to users in distribution of movies, games, music and other digital products on the torrent tracker website. Start the loaded file double click of a mouse, and the Torrent-client program will begin loading of content selected by you.

4. If the user deletes a torrent file or the loaded content, he leaves distribution through Torrent-client. Participating in operation of the BitTorrent-tracker, some time on distribution of the file is desirable to remain to give to other users the chance to load it. At a number of torrent trackers with registration for participation in distribution the user increases the rating allowing it to download more content.

5. Loading and distribution of the file via the website BitTorrent-tracker is also carried out by means of the Torrent-client program. Select the file which you want to share with other users. In the client program find this document in the section "Select the File". Make sure that in the graphs Preserve file order, Start seeding and Private torrent there are no ticks. Otherwise the file will be unavailable to the general downloading or distribution will be created very slowly as it at the same time will be automatically sound. Press the OK button. The procedure of creation of a torrent file is complete.

6. The created file with the torrent extension needs to be uploaded on a network resource. At different torrent trackers there are rules of the organization of distribution with which it is necessary to get acquainted previously. On the majority of resources there is a possibility of creation of a new subject in which on a template the description of content is filled and the created torrent file is attached.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team