How free of charge to play games online

How free of charge to play games online

The computer games using Shockwave Flash technology in most cases are free. They do not require installation and are started directly in the browser. Despite the lack of difficult graphic effects, many of such games are very interesting and fascinating.


1. Make sure that the computer on which you are going to play is connected to the Internet on an unlimited rate. The file of the SWF format in which the game program is located can be rather large, and every time when you visit the page with a game, it is loaded again.

2. Install a plug-in of Adobe Flash Player on the computer. For this purpose download it at the first link located at the end of article. Your operating system will be automatically determined by the browser and if it appears not so, select it manually, having clicked on the link "Other Operating System or Browser". Having downloaded the file, close all browsers, and then in Linux install a package by means of the package manager (for example, RPM), and in Windows - having started the executable file and following indications of the program installer.

3. Again start that browser which you got used to use. To make sure that the Flash-player was really installed pass to any website where there are advertizing banners. Bring the pointer to one of such banners and right-click. Instead of a context menu which appears when clicking by the right button on the image (including, animated) shorter menu of the Flash Player program should appear.

4. Pass to any website where Flash-games are located. The reference to one of them is already given at the end of article, and it is possible to find others, having entered into the search engine request of ""flash games"", ""free flash games"" or similar. On the website in the beginning select the section on a genre of games (for example, logical, arcadian, sports), and then - a game.

5. The way of management of the hero or objects in a game can be different. So, in the programs which are analogs of the classical game Braekout or Arcanoid, movement of a racket is most often carried out by means of a mouse, and in arcadian games of the main character it is possible to move by means of keys with shooters. That he shot, click a space. If the way of management of a game plot is unknown, use the section of the help which is built in many of games.

6. Some websites with Flash-games allow downloading of programs on the hard drive. For this purpose click on the link located under an applet under the name Download or similar. Not SWF- and the EXE file will be downloaded. Surely check it an antivirus. Then it can be started: in Windows directly, and in Linux - using the Wine emulator.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team