How to become authorized in the agent

How to become authorized in the agent

Compact Internet pager "Agent. Майл.ру" will report about new letters and news of your friends from the most popular social networks. He keeps in contact with ISQ, VKontakte, "Schoolmates", "My world", QIP, Facebook, Yandex and other services. And to use the Mail agent functions, it is necessary to register only in a system and to connect the profiles in social sites.

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1. Conveniences of Agent are obvious. Small on weight, but rather functional program allows to be always in touch with friends on all social networks and at the same time not to come into the account. But this service, as well as many others, is available only to the registered users. Therefore you should not deliberate. Download the program for the operating system and install it on the computer or use mobile version of the agent.

2. It is possible to load Agent pager from the page. Pass to this address, find necessary for you and your operating system the version, click on the link "Download" and wait for the end of loading. Then open the folder in which the installation file was saved, and install the program on the computer. For this purpose double-click on the doggie icon or right-click on the file of "agent" and select the option "Open". This action you start program installation.

3. Further, following hints of the master, make loading of the installation file. Before installation, depending on the used operating system, the security system window notification with the message that the file of unchecked publishers can do much harm to the computer can appear. The publisher of LLC Mail.Ru – reliable therefore for further installation click "Start".

4. Click "Further". Wait for the end of copying of files and program installation. And in the following window - it will open after the end of loading of "Agent" - enter your registration data in the special fields: password and login. For convenience you can save the accounts and automatically come into "Mail agent", mail, on the personal page of "My world" or other social networks keeping in contact with "Agent", already without indication of personal data. For this purpose just check the Save the Password window. Click "OK". On it process of authorization is complete. You come into "Mail agent" and begin communication with friends and colleagues.

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