How to block the phone number online

How to block the phone number online

Now cellular operators allowed to the subscribers to block temporarily the numbers at own will. It is possible to make it in different ways, one of which is blocking of the SIM card online.


1. Visit the official site of your mobile network operator and find special service which allows to manage services online. At MTS telecom operator it is called "Internet Assistant", at Beeline - "My Beeline", at MegaFon - "Service Guide". Then receive the password to the personal account one of the following ways, depending on the mobile network operator.

2. If you are a subscriber of MTS, make a team on the mobile phone: *111*25# and a key of a message of a call or call a toll-free number of 1115. Then think up the password consisting of 4-7 characters.

3. If you are a subscriber of Beeline mobile network operator, gather on the команду:*110*9# mobile phone and a call message key. In a few minutes to you the sms containing the password for logging into the personal account will arrive.

4. If you are a subscriber MegaFon, make a team on the mobile phone: *105*00# and call message key. Then wait for a sms with the password.

5. Enter into Internet service where in the field "Login" enter 10-unit number of the mobile phone, and in the Password field enter the characters installed by you or received in a sms.

6. Having executed logging into the personal account, click the Blocking of Number point, and then "Voluntary blocking". Further follow hints of a system.

7. Your number will be blocked until you do not make its unblocking. Do not forget that each cellular operator sets the maximum term of inaction of number. After this time, as a rule, the blocked number is transferred to use to other person therefore before blocking number, surely well think whether it is worth doing it in general.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team