How to change a name and the password

How to change a name and the password

Cracking of the page – a situation not from pleasant, but it is frequent. Numerous spammers go on all tricks to see others correspondence and to manage for a while on the page of the user of social networks. Regular changes of the login and password, used for authorization on the website give a peculiar protection against cracking.

It is required to you

  • - Personal computer with Internet connection;
  • - registration on social network or the registered e-mail;
  • - the mobile phone to which the confirmation code for change of data will come.


1. The procedure of change of the login and the password consists of several steps. As a rule, for this purpose it is necessary to come from the personal page of the website into the section "Setup", to select the Login item or "Password" and, following the instruction, to make corresponding changes. Quite often on the websites during replacement of data it is required to enter the access code represented on the picture or the phone number which was specified at registration. After introduction of the new password, it is necessary to duplicate and save it once again changes.

2. On Twitter to change the login, come into the section "Setup" which is on the right in the top part of the home page. In the Account tab make changes to the User name point. If you want to change your real name, but not the login, pass into the section "Profile" and enter the new name. Save changes. The password on Twitter also changes in from the section "Setup".

3. Replacement of the password in Facebook you make in the similar way. Click the link "Account", it is in a top panel of the page, turn into "Account settings". Pass down the page to the section "Password", click "Change" and further follow according to instructions of "assistant".

4. For replacement of the password by visit the homepage of a mailbox. In a top panel of a frame select the Still item and pass into the section "Setup". In the opened window there will be at the left a list of subsections which can be changed. Find the inscription "Password" and follow the link.

5. Further specify at first the current password, then – new. Duplicate once again the new password. Enter the code specified on the picture. Click "Continue". If the code is badly visible, click the link with the inscription "I Do Not See the Code". Then select the option "Save".

6. If your e-mail is cracked, to you the corresponding notification will come. In this case for change of the password you can use the Forgot the Password function. Click the corresponding inscription. Specify in the following window number of the phone on which the message will come with the code. Enter the received code and replace data.

7. Function of replacement of data for an input on the website is also in "Schoolmates". Select the Still item, it is under the photo. Then pass into the section "Change Settings". Further in the opened window with the list of operations select the necessary item. For example, "Login".

8. Follow the link where it will be offered to you to enter number of the phone which you specified at registration on the website. On the specified number within several minutes the sms will come with the code. It will need to be written in the following window. Then it is possible to start change of the login.

9. It is much simpler to change the password in "Schoolmates", than the login. On the Change Settings page select the Password item, follow the link and fill all fields on again opened page. Here it will be necessary to specify at first the current password, and then to introduce and confirm new. Save changes.

10. VKontakte for change of the password from the page come into the section "My Settings", select the General item. At the end of the page the subsection "Change the Password" will be visible. Enter in the respective fields the current password and twice – new. Click "Change the Password". All – on it the task is carried out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team