How to change font size in html

How to change font size in html

One of the main requirements imposed to design of web pages is competent structuring texts and a combination of elements of text content to different font sizes. For this purpose in HTML and CSS there are several convenient tools.


1. The design of the websites in so-called academic style is used more and more seldom, conceding to Bol to advanced execution of web pages in which possibilities of cascade style tables and standard means of late versions of HTML are involved. One of the most important indicators of high-quality design design is the competent combination on the page of different text styles including its display in several dimensional variations. Such possibility of HTML allows to structure the text in the best way, doing emphasis on necessary sections and displaying planned hierarchy of text content. It is possible to change font size in HTML in several ways.

2. One of working, but outdated ways to change a font in HTML code is application of attributes to the main and special tags. An example of a descriptor by means of which it is possible to set the size and other parameters of a font in HTML is the <FONT> tag. This tag is specified between lower case tags into which the text is put. The tag is pair, at the same time within one lower case tag it is possible to apply several descriptors <FONT>. Font size is regulated by the SIZE attribute which numerical value sets font size in units set by default.

3. By means of the single <BASEFONT> tag it is possible to set the size and other parameters of the text not on local sections, and on all page entirely. If this tag is specified in limits of descriptors <HEAD> </HEAD>, parameters of the text will be set for all page, at the same time the <FONT> tags do not lose relevance. If <BASEFONT> is registered between the <BODY> tags </BODY>, it will set font parameters for all text which in is located in the code of the page below the descriptor. This tag can be specified several times, at the same time each subsequent descriptor will change formatting of the following fragment behind it.

4. The most convenient and correct method of size variation of a font on the page is use of the CSS tools at purpose of styles directly in the HTML document array, or through the connected CSS file. At the same time it is better to conclude the formatted fragment in the <SPAN> tag with the class assigned to it or the identifier specified as the selector in the connected table CSS or within the <STYLE> tags </STYLE>. Font size regulates FONT SIZE property with the numerical value assigned to it.

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