How to change the answer to a confidential question

How to change the answer to a confidential question

One of ways to recover the lost or forgotten password from an electronic mailbox is the answer to a confidential question. At registration of e-mail of users ask to specify a confidential or control question, having selected from the offered options, or having written the and to give the answer to it. At loss of the password you can answer a confidential question and return the password. Often many people, especially at those who use mail long ago have a need to change the answer to this question or to change a question.

It is required to you

  • the address and the password from e-mail;


1. Any popular mail service assumes simple and fast process of change of the answer to a control question. Let's consider the most widespread services with e-mail – namely,, Rambler, Yandex and Gmail, in each of which exists a confidential question.

2. Come into the mail, having entered a name and the password. No matter, on what e-mail your mailbox is placed – for change of the answer to a confidential question it is necessary to enter mail.

3. If your box is on, click above pages under the name "Still", being after "Write", "Check" also "Addresses". Select the Setup item. There will be a list of settings which you can change. On average a column find the reference "Data for Password Recovery" and click it. Here you can look at the confidential question and in the Answer to a Question field to specify the new answer, having deleted old. Having entered the last line the current password from mail, click "save".

4. If your mailbox is on Rambler, in the upper right corner near the Setup button the bold print specified your login, having guided at which, it is necessary to select the My Account item from a drop-down list. After "A control question" enter the answer into the line "Answer". At the bottom of the page enter the letters (protection against robots) shown on pictures, specify your password and click "Save".

5. To change the answer to a control question in Yandex, click the address of your mail in the upper right corner, select the Passport item. Having come into Yandex. The passport, click "Change personal data", in the section "Confidential Question" click "Change a confidential question / answer". In the opened line "Answer" enter the new answer, specify below your password and click "Save".

6. For change of a confidential question in Gmail, click your name in the top part of the page, open "Settings of accounts". In "Personal settings" select "Password recovery". The new window where it will be necessary to enter once again the password of mail will open (it is necessary for full safety of personal information of the user). On the Password recovery page in the lower section "Confidential Question" click "Change". Enter the answer into the line "Answer" and save.

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