How to change the e-mail address

How to change the e-mail address

A large number of spam which is daily filling an electronic mailbox can become intolerable and if to fight against persuasive mailing there are no forces and desire any more, it is possible to replace the e-mail address.


1. Change of the e-mail address should be begun with the choice of the free e-mail server, and here the decision in favor of any given resource should be made proceeding from your requirements. If you plan to use social network "My World" and other services of the portal, then and the choice should be stopped on it. If in addition to mail you like to have an opportunity to store an unlimited number of photos in the Internet, then it is better to select the Yandex mailbox. That who seriously is interested in the photo and would like to place the works on the popular Flickr photoportal, it is necessary to get mail on Yahoo. Well, and if you try to keep up to date, then register on Google and receive Gmail e-mail address.

2. Of what you would not select a mail service, you will need to undergo registration procedure where you will be asked to enter your name and a surname (it is not obligatory to specify the presents) and some other data. Besides, you will need to enter a user name Latin letters, to think up the password and to specify the answer to any confidential question by means of which it will be possible to recover the forgotten password to a mailbox.

3. To register a mailbox from, pass to the address and click on the link "Registration in Mail". For creation of a mailbox on Yandex, open in the browser the address mail". Registration of the account for Yahoo is made to the address Follow the link "Register" to open the mailbox. To receive e-mail Gmail, open for, click in the Gmail menu and click "Create the Account".

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