How to close a subject

How to close a subject

Thousands of users daily create on the Internet a set of subjects at forums of different subject. Sooner or later, the created subjects lose the relevance. In such cases, the author of the created subject can close it simply. It is necessary to notice that closing of a subject with the author is not always provided in the interface of any given forum.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet access.


1. Today the author of a subject at a forum can close it two ways at once: having contacted administration of a resource, or, having used the corresponding interface of a forum. It is necessary to emphasize that the majority of forums do not provide a possibility of closing of the created topic, directly the user. Nevertheless, the resources allowing performing similar actions nevertheless exist.

2. Closing of a subject by means of the interface of a forum. To close the topic created by you, it is enough to you to press the corresponding button on the page of an open subject. If such button is absent, so the forum does not provide a similar command. In such situation you can close a subject, having contacted administration of the project (moderators of the section).

3. It is possible to make it by means of the system of private messages working at a forum. You need to select only the moderator then, to write him access with a request for closing of a topic. The request should be motivated. Do not forget to specify the address of a subject which needs to be closed in a body of the message.

4. If you are the administrator of a forum, closing of a topic for you will not be a major issue – you will be able to close any subject which was ever created on your resource. For this purpose it is necessary to open the necessary subject and to choose the corresponding command on the open page. It is necessary to notice that for command execution you should be authorized at a forum as the administrator. Otherwise you will not see a control interface of a subject.

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