How to code the IP address

How to code the IP address

Each computer with access to the network the Internet gets the individual number which is called the IP address. With its help it is possible to monitor any movements of the user floating around the Internet. Especially sharply the problem rose recently therefore a great number of users thought of concealment of the IP address.

It is required to you

  • Internet, list of a proxy of servers.


1. Irrespective of, you want it or not, each your step on the Internet leaves a mark in logs of Internet servers. Having started the browser and visiting the sites, you voluntarily give information on the IP address, the name and the version, type of the operating system and also a set of other information on your computer. To avoid the majority of possible problems you need to hide the IP address.

2. One of ways to hide individual number of the computer - to use an online service for concealment of the IP address. On the Internet of similar services a large number therefore to find one of them for you is possible. Visit the page, enter the address of the website which you want to visit in the special field, and begin work. Now on the sites which you visited there are traces of service anonymizer, and your real IP address disappears. Process is automated, and, following the links, the new address does not need to be gathered. But this way has minuses - not all such services are free. In the free version periodically you should browse advertizing blocks.

3. It is possible to achieve concealment of the IP address by means of the proxy server. For this purpose you will be needs the list of free proxy servers (it is possible to find it also). Select one of servers (for example, and copy data to a colon. Further open the browser, pass into the Tools menu and open the Setup point. Then select In the addition tab, in it open a submenu "Network". In it press the Configure button. In the opened window select the Manual Adjustment of the Server of a Proxy item and enter the copied address. Further add the colons given later to point "Port". Save changes and check the IP address on one of the websites intended for this purpose.

4. For anonymization it is not obligatory to change the proxy server manually. To do the same operations in the automatic mode, use one of the programs hiding the IP address (in network their huge number, for example, of Tor, Jap or SocksChain). Similar programs are simple in management and perfectly cope with the task. Take advantage of similar programs - select a proxy to have IP of a certain country, or construct proxy servers in a chain for providing the high level of anonymity.

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