How to collect sets in a tyuryaga

How to collect sets in a tyuryaga

Tyuryaga - one of the most popular applications on social network VKontakte. Here players should rise from the bottoms to top, to collect a set of different sets, but to make it quite not easy.

Sets in the application for VKontakte of "Tyuryaga" - sets of clothes or tattoos. Bring together them very long and not always simply. Each of sets possesses not only individual appearance, but often and adds to the player's character additional skills which will allow it to develop quicker.

It is senseless describe all sets in this game as there is a lot of them. It is necessary to tell about one - for receiving any of them, the player should perform a certain task which in the majority comes down to banal obtaining level at any given master.


Set "Skull"


One of the most popular sets of tattoos in the game "Tyuryaga" - a special set "Skull". Each of tattoos opens in process of playing the game, namely in process of obtaining level at masters. It should be noted that each of these tattoos will be costs to the user one thousand cigarettes (local equivalent of currency). As a result, to collect a complete set about 17 thousand cigarettes will be required. Naturally, for receiving it is necessary to receive a certain level, namely: at the master Yasha – to seize ability (trip) - the 4th level, at the master Ilyusha – to seize ability (trip) - the 5th level, at the master Ninki – to seize ability (trip) - the 6th level, at the master Ashot – to seize ability (trip) - the 6th level, Shura's master – to seize ability (trip) - the 6th level, at the master Makar – to seize ability (trip) - the 6th level, at Seva's master – to seize ability (trip) - the 6th level and at the master Zhora – to seize ability (trip) - the 6th level. As a result the player will be able to collect a full set.

Set "Olympian"

As for clothes sets, the most popular among them - a set "Olympian". It is necessary to tell that any efforts are almost not necessary for its receiving. It is enough to buy in shop a white cap, shorts with a character image of the Olympic Games and dark sneakers. It is possible to open them only having gained a certain quantity of local currency then by means of the Put on button they can already be used. Such set increases an indicator of "Energy" in a game by 12 points. Only one purchase business will not manage, for this purpose it is necessary also to activate such ability, and to make it it is possible as follows: click the image of the book, select the Gains tab and press the Activate button. It should be noted that activation of such ability will cost to the player of three rolls of paper (is also currency).

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