How to connect guest byfly

How to connect guest byfly

Byfly is the Belarusian network which comprises game servers, radio, useful regional portals and a chat. It is possible to use internal resources of this network by means of the Internet and also with use of a guest access.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Internet connection
  • - browser


1. Configure guest PPPoE-connection through ADSL to configure a guest access to byfly, be connected to the modem. By default use, the login and the password admin. Further pass into the Advanced menu, then pass into the Internet/Connections point, click Add, and establish new connection.

2. Enter in the VPI field value 0, and in the field of VCI – 33. Press Next. In the following window select Internet connection type – PPPoE-connection. Check the first field and remove in the second. Press Next. To be connected by means of a guest access to byfly, check the following window "automatically determine the address", and press Next. In the following window in the first field enter 2356-0000000-08@guest value, in the following field enter the password from the account. Press Next. After that reboot the modem, connection will be established.

3. Configure guest connection of byfly. Open the Network Connection menu in "Control panel", select connection about the Internet and open its properties. In properties select the TCP/IP protocol and open its settings. Enter ah-p address, a netmask, gateway, the DNS1 and DNS2 server. Save the made changes, further define by means of what addresses the guest connection will be connected. Click according to the link, download the file with a name which corresponds to your region. Check whether connection is established. Open the browser and pass to one of the addresses:, If the website opened, so at you it turned out to configure a guest access to byfly.

4. Create connection with use of your account, come into "Control panel", select the Network Poklyucheniye item, select the New Connection item in the File menu. Further enter your login and the password, and an account name. Start this connection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team