How to strengthen a modem signal

How to strengthen a modem signal

When using the Internet the most important properties of connection are the speed of loading of information and stability. It is impossible to increase downloading speed without change of a data plan, but there are several easy ways of redistribution of loading of the channel of connection depending on the task set at the moment time.


1. When downloading files with use of a download manager it is necessary to set the maximum number of simultaneous loadings equal to one, and downloadings to give the maximum priority. Disconnect all programs which can use the operating channel of access to network. After that open a tray and disconnect all programs working in the background capable to use the existing Internet-traffic. Also, start a task manager, using a combination of buttons of [ctrl]+ of [alt]+ [delete]. Complete all processes having the word update in the name is processes which download updates from network.

2. When using a torrent it is necessary to follow the same recommendations, as when using a download manager, several small additions. For each downloading it is necessary to install the maximum priority of downloading and also to disconnect current limitations if it is. Set the maximum speed of return equal to one kilobit per second. It is necessary for ensuring maximum speed of loading.

3. At implementation of web surfing configure the browser for minimization of unnecessary data which can increase page weight. flash and Java applications and also pictures which are loaded together with the text when loading the page belong to these data. Disconnect them. You can install the Opera mini browser. Its feature is that pages which you request at first go to the server where they contract, losing flesh to ninety percent, and then are redirected on your computer. Initially this browser was intended for phones therefore you will need the Java emulator installation. You can also turn off loading of pictures and applications, having maximized the speed of loading of the page.

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