How to create Internet broadcasting

How to create Internet broadcasting

Internet broadcasting favourably differ in the fact that it is possible to be present at it, being in any place and just sitting at the computer, connected to network. However with creation of the broadcasting the situation is where as it is more difficult.


1. Internet broadcasting is created by means of the camera (or several cameras) through which the sound and video on the computer or other device of the viewer is transmitted. Also mixers which switch the entering flows from cameras are in addition used. The next stage is a coding of a video and its sending for the server from which the user also will receive all.

2. The special program will be suitable for sending materials from one camera. It will independently take video from the camera connected to the computer then will recode it in the necessary format and will send to the server. From the most widespread free applications capable to provide this functionality, it is possible to call Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. However do not forget that in the license agreement in this respect there are some reservations: for example, the program should be used only with servers of Adobe. If you do not satisfy this condition, then act illegally.

3. Modern broadcastings are already inconceivable without video mixers which became a kernel of all structure. These devices help not only to provide good signal switching, but also to adjust the image (for example, to transform a format, to make color correction). All mixers are divided into two groups: program and hardware.

4. After viewing the main range of the equipment think that it is really necessary for you. Make a start from what sum you expect and for what in general you create broadcasting. There are minimum and maximum schemes. The first represents set of the camera, the microphone (perhaps, already built-in), the computer with the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder application installed on it and, of course, connection to the Internet. At the maximum scheme, in addition, there will be also video output to monitors in real time for demonstration to the audience at the venue of broadcasting at once. Also the second computer intended only for a preview, storage of records and mix of video can be used. It should be noted the increased number of cameras (4) and existence of modems for the organization of Internet access.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team