How to create the free website independently

How to create the free website independently

For the last 10 years our life became just inconceivable without the Internet. It is possible to communicate, communicate, watch new products. It is no wonder that every day there are thousands of the new websites though not always bearing useful information. The fact is that their stamping became just a fashion trend now, and every third inhabitant of our planet has at least one own website.

Who can do it

Everyone can learn it. And, to create a page under the name, it is optional to learn programming languages. Even it is not necessary to pay neither for creation, nor for placement of the child on the Internet. It is enough to gather in a line of the search engine "How to create the website free of charge", and the searcher will give dozens of the services ready it to make for you. And free services happen two types.

Conditional and free website


It is possible to call the first type conditional and free. The meaning of data of services in providing templates of ready designs of the websites on a free basis. These templates are even separated on categories. Though, templates of different categories differ rather on design, i.e. according to the background picture which cannot be changed. There are several options of structure which can also be selected. And to change structure there is also no opportunity. The popular designers offering the help are Setup, Joomla, Jimdo and many others.

Before process of creation of the website it is necessary to register on service. After confirmation by e-mail of the intention it is possible to start the choice of a template and loading of the content. After that the service assigns to the new website a domain name and selects a free hosting for data storage. The truth these services have one more restriction: on content and the number of pages. I.e. to load all the articles and photos it will not turn out, and the website will consist of five pages. The full functionality is available only for a certain payment therefore they also are called conditional and free.

Free service

It is possible to create the website free of charge with full-fledged functionality, for example, using services of Ucoz service.

Everything begins also with registration procedure on the selected service and confirmations of the consent through the link which will come to e-mail. After input of the code offered by a system it is necessary to select a number of settings, such as color, font size, etc., and, above all – to select a domain name most if it of course is free. The truth feature of the free and conditional and free websites is existence in the domain of the name of service.

It is possible to save service settings, and it is possible and to be directly involved in creation of shape of future website. In Ucoz service an opportunity to enter the settings is provided, having knowledge at least of the HTML language that is great advantage. It can master this programming language even to the beginner. There are reference books of the HTML commands from where it is possible to copy safely commands, to insert in the editor of future website and to enjoy identity of the creation.

Undoubtedly, use of opportunities of a free saytostroyeniye very much saves time, but is suitable nevertheless more for "house" use since the website will be filled with links of spam and contextual advertizing. And it is much simpler to catch a virus on these resources, than on the websites with own name.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team