How to create the hosting

How to create the hosting

Today the web hosting, i.e. providing the place for placement of websites on servers in network, is one of effective ways of receiving earnings on the Internet. Many users wishing to be engaged in virtual business would like to create the hosting and thus to get profit.

What needs to be known to create the hosting?

First, it is necessary to understand an essence of this service. The hosting combines the high-quality equipment and the software on the one hand and providing service in maintenance with another. Many experts note that the service is the most important component of a hosting as to find the companies with the high-quality equipment and software does not represent a problem.

Secondly, it is necessary to understand that a hosting, as well as any business, requires initially essential financial expenses which will pay off not at once. Therefore before creating the hosting, it is necessary to make the approximate estimate of expenses and to select the necessary sum from own budget (or to receive from other source).

Thirdly, it is necessary to understand the equipment and the software and/or to find people who will work as technical support for clients. It is necessary to understand that calls, messages and letters will constantly come and it will be necessary to answer them quickly and also quickly to solve the arising problems. The number of the involved employees will be in close dependence on the hosting size.

Ways to create the hosting

There are three main ways to create the hosting.

  • The first – to become the reseller, this way is the cheapest. The reseller is the person which got a part of the server from the known hosting company and carrying out sale of places on the server and also responsible for technical support. However, as the server does not belong to the reseller, the technical support will be at a loss a number of obstacles (for example, impossibility to exercise effective control of the server, to reboot it, etc.)
  • The second way is to rent the whole server at hosting company. It will be much more expensive, however such way has a number of pluses which are not had by a resellerstvo. In particular, an opportunity to put the software on the server, a possibility of its control and as result of more first technical support.
  • The third way is an independent purchase of the server and placement it in Data center under lease places. Advantages of such way – cheaper rent. A shortcoming – need to buy the server which costs rather much.

Stages of creation of a hosting

  • Drawing up estimate of the project and search of means.
  • Development of data plans for owners of the websites.
  • Definition of a way of creation of a hosting (a resellerstvo, rent of the server, the place in Data center).
  • Development of marketing strategy for advance of the services on the Internet and findings of clients.
  • Creation of a hosting and its registration.
  • Hiring of personnel

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team