How to delete the log from the browser

How to delete the log from the browser

Using the Internet, it is useful to know that in any browser all read pages are saved in a fixed memory of the computer. The history of viewing pages in browsers carries the name "Log". In order that infinite viewing pages did not "hammer" memory of the computer with excessive information, storage volume can be configured too. If necessary, for example, for release of the disk memory at its shortcoming, the log can be deleted at all.


1. In the Mozilla Firefox browser it is possible to enter "Log" through the top menu, to view pages of visit for "Today", "Yesterday" and the last seven days, if necessary to delete them partially or completely with selection and a key of the Delete keyboard. Selection Internet visit (pages) is made just as selection of files in the Conductor: at the clicked SHIFT keys or Ctrl.

2. The maximum cleaning of disk memory of the computer from all "traces" of the Internet is made through the menu of the browser on the following algorithm: "Tools"-> "Settings"-> "Privacy"-> "Clean recent history", further it is necessary to put ticks at points: "The log of visits and loadings", "The log of forms and search", "Cache" and to key "Clean Now".

3. In the Internet Explorer browser, cleaning of the log and the other information arising when using of the browser is made through tabs of the menu "Service"-> "Internet Options"-> "Properties: the Internet"-> the General tab. In the History of Viewing point it is necessary to click "Delete", in the Removal of History of the Overview window it is necessary to put ticks opposite to the necessary points for removal of the relevant information, in addition to "Log", it can be the points "Temporary Files of the Internet", "Cookies files" and key "Delete".

4. Way of removal of the saved pages (log) without use of the menu of the browser. As a rule, files the containing pages of visits are stored on a system disk of the computer (usually such disk is the disk C) in the folder with a certain name and standard location. So, use of the Windows XP operating system, they are stored in a directory of C: Documents and SettingsImya polzovatelyalocal SettingsTemporary Interneto Files.

5. In Windows Vista or Windows 7 for removal of the Log without use of the menu of the browser will be the following: it is necessary to come into "Start-up"-> "Control panel"-> "Network and the Internet"-> "Internet Options" and in the General tab in the section "Log of the Browser" to click "Delete files"-> "Delete everything"-> "Yes"-> "OK".

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