How to be protected from email hacking

How to be protected from email hacking

Perhaps, each Internet user possesses own mailbox. If to crack it, then the malefactor will be able to get access to different confidential information, so, it needs to be protected well.

Some Internet users can use a mailbox only for communication, but other part can use it for work, etc. Besides, on the e-mail postal address notifications come with different passwords from web resources, logins and other information. It is natural if the user has no desire to share the intimate data (or even money from the e-wallet) with the malefactor, then the mailbox needs to be secured well.

At first it should be noted that not always people crack mailboxes somehow to do much harm to the person. Sometimes it does only for the sake of "sports interest", that is in this case the hacker will not do any harm (will not change the password, will not delete any important information), and even on the contrary to tell the owner that its e-mail is badly protected. Unfortunately, for 100% it is simply impossible to be protected from cracking. If desired the malefactor will find any way to obtain necessary information (for example, with use of brute force).


Reliable password


As much as possible to secure the mailbox against cracking, first of all it is necessary to put the reliable password which will consist of digits, letters and different signs. The most typical error of most of users consists just in it is for the convenience the simple password from a combination of several simple digits (for example, 12345) or letters is formed (for example, qwerty). Even in that case if very difficult password which cannot just be picked up was thought up, then it is not necessary to use it absolutely everywhere. Such actions will bring protection to naught as having picked up the password once, the malefactor will be able to get access to all resources of the user at once. Besides, you should not store passwords on the computer or in the browser and not to store them in the form of the transferred messages at all (the malefactor can easily steal such data by means of the Trojan program).

Confidential question-answer

Each owner of e-mail knows that at registration it is necessary to enter a confidential question and the answer. In this case it is necessary to remember that it is the best of all to select the most simple question, but to think up such answer which with a question will have nothing in common (the most important to remember the answer if the password is forgotten). In that case the malefactor will not be able to pick up right option in any way or to somehow find out it at the user.

Social engineering

You should not forget even about such primitive trifles as to tell nobody the data. Malefactors very artful people and by social engineering can "politely" ask the user to report the data. For example, one of the most popular ways - the letter, approximately following view: "Hello, it is Administration of http://сайт.ru service. We will see off mass (there is a supercompound, unclear word further) users. You just need to follow this link and to enter the biographical particulars …".

It is worth to remember to install an antivirus which will block trojans, to use fayervoly, and as a result, it will be quite difficult for malefactors to find any confidential information of the user.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team