How to delete the page with VKontakte

How to delete the page with VKontakte

Social network "VKontakte" - one of popular. With its help the users communicate with friends, exchange music, photos, videos, build own business. But sometimes for various reasons participants of social network decide to leave VKontakte and delete the profile from the website.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - registration of VKontakte.


1. To apply any changes in VKontakte, at first come into the account in social network. For this purpose on the homepage of the website enter the credentials into the corresponding lines - the login and the password. If earlier you used function of autosave of the password and saved the link to the page in browser bookmarks, for an entrance to a profile it is enough to click the corresponding inscription.

2. Having appeared on the page, find near the main photo (to the left of it) the link with the inscription "My Settings". Click it and pass to the following page – the page of settings where all sections, possible for change, are submitted. Scroll a mouse wheel in the end of the page and find the reference "You Can Delete the Page". Click it and pass into the following window in which it will be offered to you to specify the reason of removal of the account of VKontakte. For convenience the service of social network suggests to use in advance prepared options. There are following answers: "The website takes away time", "You are not sure of safety of personal data", "Nobody comments on your page" or "On the website materials which you consider unacceptable are often used". If the available preparations do not suit you, note the Other Reason point and specify the answer, for this purpose write it in the special field. Then you will need only to click "Delete the Page".

3. If desired check opposite to the Tell Friends point. In this case users who were in category of your friends learn that you deleted the page from the website.

4. Before final removal of the account in social network properly think and weigh all Pros and cons. After you will click "Delete the Page", from it all your data, music, a photo, records on a wall and contacts of your friends and subscribers will disappear. If you are going to lose them, then safely delete a profile. If you for the present are in thought, click "Cancel".

5. On the Internet many ways of removal of the page of VKontakte which users of different social networks share are described, So, they advise to be engaged in spam sending, insults of users that of you began to complain to administration of the website and as a result finally would block your account. Of course, it is possible to try in practice and these methods. But it is the best of all to apply official ways of removal of a profile. In this case you will definitely have no problems including with the law.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team