As in Mail.Ru to close the page

As in Mail.Ru to close the page

Users of social networks quite often meet traces of guests unfamiliar to them on the page. To prohibit them to browse your page, it is necessary to close to it access for strangers.

It is required to you

  • The account on the My World project.


1. To secure the Internet page on social network against the stranger's visit, it is necessary to close it from the general access. This action is often applied after the user notices a large number of "strange" visitors on a visit. Of course, it is possible to enter the person in "Black list" and to write to technical support service, but there is also less radical solution.

2. Pass to the profile, having opened the page in a new tab, and pass to settings of your account. Move the cursor to the left top block, open the additional Still list and select the Access item.

3. On the loaded page pass to the section "My World can look" and give a mark opposite to the line "Only Friends". Then left-click according to the link "Save" which is located at the bottom of the page. Now faces foreign and unfamiliar to you will not be able to browse "your World", but photos from a shared folder will be all the same available for viewing.

4. In certain cases users of social networks delete the personal pages - it is to make also simply, as well as to hide it from strangers. It is necessary to refer to the menu in the upper left corner again, to open the list, having clicked the link "Still" and to select the link "Setup".

5. Open the Homepage tab and click on the Delete the World button. On the loaded page it is necessary to give marks opposite to all points. Pay attention that physical removal of "my World" leads to removal of the account on such projects as "the Photo. Mail", "Blogs. Mail" "Video. Mail", etc.

6. Now it was necessary to click a firm hand "Delete the World" and to expect not less than 48 hours. During this time you can restore the page, having withdrawn a request for removal of the account on "My world".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team