How to send the invitation in group

How to send the invitation in group

Groups on popular social network VKontakte – a great way of promotion of own projects and obtaining popularity. Therefore the question interests many how to increase efficiency of group and how to increase the number of invitations at the available VKontakte restrictions for mailing. There are several effective ways how to untwist any such group from scratch without special knowledge and skills.


1. The easiest way of promotion is to notify on newly formed group of your friends. For this purpose put a checkbox in your group which will help to notify immediately all who are added as your friend, about its existence.

2. Ask your friends who joined the group to send invitations further. Than this method is good? The fact is that each of your friends has friends, and at those the, etc. The method of "gossip hotline" can work as well as possible here, at the same time, it is the most effective among all possible methods of free promotion of any group of VKontakte. The invitations sent from friends will be perceived by people much more simply than if the invitation to them was sent by any absolutely stranger.

3. You can send independently daily invitations about the introduction in group to those people who are in network at present. First, the person will at once see your invitation. Secondly, if it has any questions on group, it will be able instantly to write you the message and to immediately receive the answer to the question. However, you remember, you can send no more than 40 invitations in group in day.

4. Employ freelancers who will do all work for you. You can find such people at any exchange of freelance. Create a task in which accurately prescribe the instruction and wait for applications. The average price for such work fluctuates within 10 cents. Respectively, you can pay for the invitation of 400-500 people only one dollar. The example of such task can look so:

"You need to join such group of VKontakte and to send invitations to the friends. In a detailed report lay out the list of people whom you invited."

5. The simplest and least labor-intensive way is to acquire the paid program for promotion of groups.

Install the program and check its functional features. Check operability of useful additions and begin to test them on the groups.
Similar software for mailing of invitations which analogs there is a lot of allows to invite not only in groups of VKontakte, but also in other its services – applications, meetings, etc.

Besides, specialized software will help you to find target audience for group – use search by parameters, a profession, age, the residence and a hobby.
Taking into account that today invitations of VKontakte are limited only by the list of own friends, such programs bypassing restrictions can become the real output for owners of groups. Besides, you can invite people in the list of own friends, and already then after authorization of request for friendship, to invite them in group.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team