How to delete the sent gifts

How to delete the sent gifts

Social networks became the second life of many people , at least, to its important component. Here you communicate, quarrel, are on friendly terms, fall in love and even give gifts. The gift on social network received from the friend — a trifle, but very pleasant. It is exciting to give them, and it is even better — to receive. However sometimes friendship or love comes to an end. then there is a question: " How to delete the sent gifts?".


1. Why sometimes so there is a wish to delete the sent gift? Happens that there are errors of communication and the gift went not to that addressee. Perhaps, you do not want to communicate any more with the person who was close to you not so long ago. You want to take away "the toy" as the child. Understand that your situation from the fact that you delete a gift, will not change at all, and the voices spent for this gift will not return.

2. It is impossible to delete the sent gift in VKontakte. It automatically takes over to the addressee, it turns out that only it can move away him at your request.

3. Do not ask for the help administration: it is senseless. In rules of a system it is stated that the administration of the website is not engaged in removal of the sent gifts including at the request of recipients and senders.

4. Not less popular network is Facebook. The situation with removal of gifts is similar here. Nobody can delete the sent gift except the recipient. If you sent a public gift, then you have the right to make it personal. Change confidentiality settings. For this purpose move a checkbox in the corresponding menu. And all this that you can undertake.

5. The social network "Odnoklassniki" provides a possibility of removal of the gifts sent to other persons. Visit the page. Pass to the list of the sent gifts. For this purpose it is necessary to click the link "gifts" located in the left part of the page. You will click with the left mouse button on a gift which you want to delete. After its opening click on the link "Delete".

6. If it is impossible to you, then try to contact administration. Find a good reason of your step. Especially do not hope for good luck: in most cases the request will remain meek. With all list of the sent gifts, unfortunately, you will not make anything any more. They can disappear independently eventually, however, it is necessary to wait long.

7. Be not upset prematurely. The way out of their situation can be found. Try to delete contact to which you sent a gift. The gift should be removed also. The most certain way – delete the page and create new. Of course, you should look for the friends again now. But the main thing that you will achieve the objective.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team