How to make the quartz lamp

How to make the quartz lamp

Quartz lamps are necessary for disinfecting of the room, their value is indisputable in the period of flu epidemics, at viral and some other diseases, for example, herpes. Besides, not to do without such lamp the one who is engaged in cultivation of mushrooms. The quartz lamp can be bought in shop, and it is possible to make independently, for this purpose it will be necessary for you only some concept about electric circuits.

It is required to you

  • - DRL lamp;
  • - throttle;
  • - table lamp;
  • - hammer or flat-nose pliers.


1. To manufacture the quartz lamp the hands, take lamp (TML (throttle and mercury luminescent), they are usually applied to lighting of streets. Power for the normal room has to be no more than 125 W, and for the big room it is possible to choose also stronger lamp. Go outside and place lamp in plastic bag or rag, put on gloves and goggles to ensure safety.

2. By means of the hammer or flat-nose pliers accurately break external flask of lamp. Consider that the lamp of DRL contains mercury therefore if there is no opportunity to go outside, surely well air the room. Collect glass in garbage can. As a result you in hands had soldered tube - it is and there is quartz lamp necessary for you.

3. Find or buy throttle for self-made lamp, or connect consistently to DRL lamp the glow lamp (LN of 500 W will be suitable for DRL 125).

4. Take any table lamp and collect the quartz lamp. It is very convenient to use the directed lamp with clothespeg, in that case you will be able to send radiation stream to the desirable party.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team