How to restore all conversations and correspondences in WhatsApp?

How to restore all conversations and correspondences in WhatsApp?

When changing the smartphone many users face a data transfer problem in messengers, and WhatsApp - not an exception. However process in itself quite simple and fast.

Backup copy

For a start it is not necessary to hurry and remove the old device - on it in the application it will be necessary to create the backup copy, that is all saved correspondences. And it is not so difficult to make it.

All data will be saved in a cloud service of Google Drive on which it is necessary to possess the account. Here to register, it is only necessary to enter mobile phone number, to confirm it and to think up the password for the account. 

Later it is necessary to select in the messenger, and then the Menu tab". Then it is necessary to select the Setup item", and further to pass to the Chats block". 

On the opened page it is required to select the Backup Copy of Chats item". 

It is necessary only to select an interval for updates (it is "Never" possible to select any except"). 

Further the window with all available addresses of e-mails opens, it is necessary to select available from them. If there is no necessary account in Google Drive, then it is necessary to click on "Add the account"" and enter all data from it.

For economy of traffic it is possible to press the Use button" to select network - mobile or wireless.

Data recovery

Now it is possible to pass to the new device. After installation of the messenger with Google Play or App Store, it is necessary to enter the phone number to which the account in WhatApp is tied.

As a rule, the program automatically finds the backup copy and suggests to resume work with earlier written chats with the words "The Backup Copy of a Chat Is Found"". It is only necessary to press the green Restore button". 

Process in itself can be long or fast - it depends on the speed of connection to the Internet and amount of information which was earlier saved in the backup copy. After completion of operation it will be possible to continue work, having pressed Next" after all congratulations of the messenger. 

How to delete the backup copy with Google Drive?

That the backup copy did not occupy already a little cloudy space on Google Drive, it can be deleted. For this purpose it is necessary to come into a cloud service, and then to select the Backup copies tab".

It is necessary only to select the necessary application from the list, to clamp it (to right-click if removal happens from the computer), to select the necessary window "Delete the Backup Copy"". After that it is necessary to wait a little while there is an operation, and everything will be ready. 

Thus it is possible to restore easily all the conversations and chats on the new device. The only shortcoming - the backup copy does not save media files, so attachments with pictures, videos or other applications with expansions will not be available also to recovery, unfortunately, are not subject. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team