How to delete web folders

How to delete web folders

The web folder, or as it can be designated in the computer - Web Folder, represents a certain transfer protocol of necessary files which provides their delivery on the Internet without danger of violation of confidentiality of the transmitted data. These folders allow to receive safely different files and also to transfer information in electronic form and to manage them from the remote computer on the Internet.


1. Web Folder ensures safety of the password and an encryption of data if on the server SSL is applied. This folder is stored on a server, remote from the user, and it is also possible to treat her, as well as with normal computer folders. However not all servers but only on what there is a Microsoft FrontPage extension, or applying WebDAV technology support Web Folder.

2. If the folder is visible in the computer, it means that in it there is in the included status a Web Folders service. This function gives an opportunity to work with web folders just as with normal local. If this service is not necessary to you - it is possible to disconnect it, using the following sequence of actions. On a desktop, having clicked "Start-up", enter "Control panel" then select the Administration function and enter into "Services" where disconnect this service.

3. During normally adjusted operation of the computer it is possible to delete the folder seen on a desktop or on any disk through the "removal of programs" installation which is in the Windows components.

4. Also situations when similar web folders appear by itself, without preliminary installation by their user meet. In that case it is worth checking the PC for presence in it of the entered viruses. There is in network a so-called "Trojan" virus which carries the name "Web Folders" - perhaps, on your computer it appeared. This virus also brings with itself the csrcs.exe program which needs to be found and deleted in the PC in a similar situation.

5. In case removal of the web folder causes difficulty, use the Unlocker 1.8.7 utility which is specially created for liquidation of the folders and files which are not giving in to removal as normal documents. Install the utility then delete the file, just using the right key on a mouse. In the list of possible actions with the document there will be "Unlocker", having clicked which, the web folder will be deleted.

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